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hand made rugs. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Rag Rugs (Braided or Crocheted ONLY Please). Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

>flickr issues

>Sorry if it is taking awhile today for things to load; flickr seems to be having issues, again.

I just thought I would post a positive thought for the day.

“Talk unbelief, and you will have unbelief; but talk faith, and you will have faith. According to the seed sown will be the harvest.”
Ellen G. White

>Copyrite issues


This is posted in a group I admin on flicker

I had a copyrited photo infringed upon so did Hyena-in-petticoats and so did Debby Kratovil

Below is the conversation as it is on flickr

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hyena-in-petticoats Pro User says:

Hi everyone,

I thought you might be interested in this item on Ebay:


The seller has ripped off our photos for use in the listing, and is selling links to our tutorials without permission.

I have sent a rather nasty letter to the seller, and posted about this on my blog – feel free to take whatever action you see fit.


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sunshine's creations is a group administrator sunshine’s creations Pro User says:

I sent a complaint to eBay; I hope you did the same.
I also sent a letter to the seller with my disgust for what they are doing.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
If you know that person is in our group, please point them out to me and they will be banned instantly.
Originally posted 35 seconds ago. ( permalink | edit | delete )
sunshine’s creations (a group admin) .

All these things are free patterns that we as a group have shared for personal use, not profit. The person is only selling them for 99 cents but, the point is, they don’t have a right to sell them at any price!

We won eBay pulled the item that had my photo and two friends of mine photos. Wasn’t right someone selling links to things we had worked hard on to make available for non-profit them someone trys to be sly . Just goes to show if enough people speak up you can win.

>Happy Happy Birthday ….

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Happy Happy Birthday, originally uploaded by littlepinkstudio.

to me. I hope your day is filled with love; mine will be filled with errands and job hunting and love, of course. Many happy returns of the day to you all.

I bet you all can guess my birthday wish: a job/career that fits in with my family.

>photos on explore


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photos on explore, originally uploaded by sunshine’s creations.

1. the start of three dresses? or just shirts, 2. on tree, 3. hung on tree, 4. front with out buttons but after star, 5. poinsettia / The journey, 6. kid airplane ornament, 7. more blooms, 8. butterfly pillow,

9. suzyhomemakers mini quilt is done, 10. This block is made by clare, 11. 1st finished butterfly for curtain, 12. 3rd butterfly on curtain, 13. lt and dk pink tatting, 14. hex granny squares, 15. antique tatting, 16. more antique tatting,

17. front, 18. redwork butterfly signature block, 19. style d, 20. layette set, 21. crazy daisies, 22. flower tutorial, 23. English Paper piecing tutorial, 24. bubble gum pink quilt #1,

25. SRE = silk ribbon embroidery, 26. lazy daisy week 3, 27. back side dove, 28. felt ornament dove, 29. felt snow man done, style:christmas colors

>Flickr issues

>Because most of my photos are hosted on flickr I am at their mercy. If you haven’t noticed, the last few days my blog takes forever to load. It is because flickr is having issues with image hosting. So some photos just are not loading, which causes the site to never finish loading and to keep trying. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes any one. Between that and the background being white, not my first choice, my site is even hard for me to look at right now.

>English Paper Piecing Question


Flower Garden in progress - detail

This picture was posted in The English paper piecing group on flickr. A discussion arose about how to baste large hex pieces. My tutorial explained it, but visuals are better. I do have permission to show this example of how not to do it by its maker, Anne Brumley. Pictured are her first blocks; I actually think they are well made. I do not see the stitching between the blocks, her fabric choices are vibrant and lively. I just want it clear that these are well-made blocks, and the only thing I wanted to clarify was all the basting threads. All the threads you see have to be removed; there are also lots of them, which makes that time consuming and your fingers will hurt from going through the papers so much with the needle.

In the way I do it, all you have to do is cut six small threads; just six small nips of the scissors, then pull the papers out (which saves time) and just leave in the basteing threads.

front of two inch hex

So, you do a back stitch in each corner where the fabric folds over on top of itself. Then, in the middle of each side of the hex you do an ever so tiny stitch that goes through the fabric and the paper. I have made a few things with this technique, so I promise it is simple and not hard.

2 inch hex helping with example

Go all the way around in this manner; cut thread when you get back to the beginning. I hope this helps whomever does bigger pieces in English paper piecing. Below are other examples of Anne’s work; she uses silk in some of her work, and it is lovely. She picks very nice fabrics and has good hand piecing skills; she is a very nice hand seamstress.

Flower Garden in progress 1
1 inch hexagons
1 inch hexagons
On my way.  How cool is the lucky kitty fabric?

Neat tesselations with rainbow!

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