Mr. Laurence’s brown basketweave scarf

brown worsted weight wool

scarf wipIn the play Little woman" Mr. Laurence is supposed to have a long brown wool scarf.  I started his scarf while waiting for another play to start that my youngest daughter was in this last week.   Below is the pattern I came up with while standing in line pretty simple really just 3 different rows is all.  Free pattern and supplies below.

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Finishing a few wip’s

button detail
I have had a few wip's for a while.  So Sunday morning when i woke up i thought i would weave in their tails as that is all that needed to be done for months now but never got around to it.

wip's = works in progress

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Day2: advent calender scarf = issues

day 2

Day one was a breeze day two not so much for me.  I have never placed beads in this manner nor have I done nupps.  The beads not an issue pretty straight forward.  But the nupps are a little nightmarish to me I have frogged that section at least 3 times but not more than 5.  
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Day 1: advent calender scarf

lace and thread
This was an advent calender scarf knit along in December of 2010. This is a free pattern if any one wants to do it.  I decide I would save it till I could knit better than I could then.  To do this project I think I am at the point where I can attempt this and get a good result I am hoping I will learn lots and lots from this as one of my main goals in learning to knit was to make socks and to make lace both I am still working on.

supplies needed listed below

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knitting fingerless gloves

new mitts
Yesterday I was playing with making some fingerless gloves this is a pretty fast work up. 

I used red heart eco-ways bamboo-wool blend.  Has a real soft feel to it.

1 ball of each color ( cream, peacock and cayenne)
I used 3 circular kneedle
sewing needle

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>Knitted fingerless gloves



This is the post that I had on Whip Up one year ago today. I hope you enjoy it encase you missed that post when I guest blogged.  There is also a crochet version of this on this blog already too.


Fall is just around the corner.  Which for me means cold hands while warming up the car in the morning.  I have never liked my ends of my fingers covered while removing the ice from the windshield makes it hard to hold the scrapper.  So fingerless gloves are in order.  You can hold your tool and keep your hands warm.   I made a similar pair in crochet on my blog on Oct 13th of last year  to make both sides of the fiber art community happy


Here is a way to make mittens with out double pointed needle you knit each needle with the other end of its own circular needle this makes it easier to not have laddering in your work plus it means it is harder to loose a needle.

One size fits most adults

3 circular needle size 1  ( this is easier to do with the shortest circular knitting needles you have but long will work too it just has more stuff (tubing) hanging down.
1 skein Sock yarn size 1 super fine 1.52 oz  just fine

yarn used for fingerless gloves


Cast on 64 stitch place 32 stitches on 1 circle needle and 32 on the 2nd circular needle

  • rounds 1-22 (2 inches): do a 2 x 2 rib that means k2 p2 around all 64 stitches
  • rounds 23-36 (1 1/4 inches): just plain knit around all 64 stitches Make sure last round is tight between stitches 32 and 33

thumb gusset (3 circular needles)

  • round 1:knit 32 on needle one (using new needle) create 2 stitches between needle one and needle two between  what was stitch 32 and 33 on previous round. knit last needle.
  • round 2: knit plain ove all three needles
  • round 3: knit plain on needle one increase on needle two then knit the stiches on there plain then increase one more time at the end of needle two, knit needle three
  • repeat round 2 and 3 till you have 26 stitches on the thumb gusset needle end with round 2

top of palm area (skipping thumb gusset needle)

  • knit in the round for 12 rounds
  • knit a 2 by 2 rib for 4 rounds
  • cast off loosely or use the stretchy cast off hand

finishing thumb
split the thumb stitchs so you have half  (13 each) on two separate circular knitting needles add yarn and knit for two rounds ( doesn’t matter where you add the yarn inside of thumb or outside but I do like to do it on the inside of the thumbs that way if there is a little gap I can stitch it close for added strength when I finish threads)Just make sure it is neat

  • knit for two rounds
  • knit in 2 by 2 rib for 4 rounds cast off loosely or do stretchy cast off.

finish all tails

Repeat for second glove these gloves can be worn on both hands there is no front or back to them.    This is fine for use with solid or patterned sock yarn

You can make them more interesting by

Since this is just simple knit stitch you can do two or more colors to make then interesting design.

Or you can add lace patterns to your 1st needle on first glove and your last needle on the last glove you make.   Just make sure you leave at least the first 5 and last 5 stitches in knit stitch on the needle you are doing the lace on are left plain knit stitch so the sides of your mitten are solid also leave the thumb gusset solid knit.

link for stretchy bind off

>Ocean Spray twin leaf scarf


progressThis pattern is from Vogue knitting from the spring/summer issue of 2010 pattern#27 in that issue but they also have it available for free on their website.  I am making it out of a blend of acrylic/rayon from bamboo.  The yarn is SPA by naturally Caron have not worked with that before real soft to the touch not fond that the yarn splits easy.  This color is known as Ocean Spray. I like it a lot not quiet powder blue that the pattern called for and not so dark as to become turquoise either.  It is supposed to have 46 (I think) repeats of the pattern and be a scarf that is over 5 feet long so you can wrap it a few times not sure I am going to make it that long as I never wear scarfs that long.  So we will see if I do what the pattern reads as or if I do my own thing usually my own thing wins out.

>A knitters advent shawl

>I found this by accident on Raverly but thought others might like it too it is a shawl that is done in knit.  It is a advent calender piece (sampler) so to speak.  I have not started one so I didn’t have a photo to post but here are lots of others posted here for you to see.  Oh did I mention it is a free pattern in English and German.  This is what is known as a KAL a  Knit A Long.  Meaning lots of people are doing this at once with you all over the world and there is a forum to discuss it and ask questions.  So if you get stuck you have help  a great place for a beginner ( but please know the basics first but still a beginner) to start as
if you get stuck you can ask for help from lots who are working out the same patterns.
Must be a pretty good pattern with this many already making it

>I am a guest blogger…



Whip-up invited me to be a guest blogger and post what ever I wanted.  So I thought it would be nice to post a knitted version of a fingerless mitten on Whip-up and a crochet version of the same thing on my blog.  That way both sides of the community have a similar pattern to work with.  Please check out the knitted one on whip up today and checkout the crocheted one on here later in the day.  Thank you and have a lovely Fall season.


>making aurora


thumb gusset

I have been trying to make a pair of gloves lately, actually lots of gloves not much success but that is another story.  Here is a pair I would really like to get done.  It is a very pretty pattern, but I have modified it as I am using a much smaller needle size 0 as apposed to a 3.  I also have more repeats and added a thumb gusset but the over all feel is still the same as the original.  I really love all the patterns from this fiber artist you should check them out she has lots of free patterns. Oh and this one was one of her free patterns.  I am using a size 5 pearl cotton that I bought thrift a long time ago for 50 cents.  I still have tons of this and I have used it tons as well.  I will be able to make more stuff with this when done with the gloves too.  It is amazing how much thread come on a spool. 

Update she dose have an etsy store where she sells finished gloves and a few other patterns that she has that are not free but real inexpensive.  So worth the price.  I have them and they are very well written and in English.  They have a lot more information than her free pattern which is to be expected.

wrist areaglove so far

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