Jo’s dress and Aunt March’s and Amy’s pantalets


cuffbackI finished a dress for Jo this last week it is the dress she wears in act 1. Since the character Jo wants to be in the military.  I tried to make this have a little bit of a military feel to the dress.

 I used vintage military buttons as a pin at the neck and at the bottom of the collar and on the sleeves.   The buttons come from a great aunt of mine and my Vavo both of which are in heaven.  I am keeping the costumes after the play so I am not worried that I will not have them anymore.  There is only one of the eagle one I used at the collar.  The rest of the buttons all match each other and have anchors on them.

front yoke and collar

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Day 4 and Day 5 and RPL cord

Day 4
dress with matching slip

I waited 1 day to post the last two items in the heirloom sewing becasue I was working on posting the free lace pattern yesterday.  This would have been a 7 day set but I decided to show the matching sets the dress with matching slips together instead of separate so this is the last post of heirloom baby dresses for  a while.
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Day 4: in the pink dress and slip

dress front

There are two of these dresses that came with matching slips this is the first of the two.

dress and slip

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Day 3:2 for 1 heirloom dresses

yoke on blue

This is next 2 dresses that I have to show.  Yes they are vintage store bought  dresses but they are family heirlooms meaning I did not buy them the previous generation or the one before that did not sure which.

center hem on blu

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Day 2 heirloom white dress

front yoke
This lovely little white dress.  Does have some wear damage under one sleeve is torn.

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Day 1 heirloom sewing slip

Here are some recent additions to the dresses that I have in my families heirloom collection.  I do hope someday my grandchildren will be able to wear these dresses if for no other reason than to have them wear them for photos.
tagI am going to be posting items for about 6 or 7 days of heirloom baby items again.  Parts of these dresses are hand done and parts are machine made but all are commercial bought dresses but not recently.  I am guessing the late 1940's but they could be as new as the late as the mid 1970's.  Hard to tell as the original owner can not tell me.

hem detail
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2 little ducks went out to play

2 little ducks hem detail 
It has been a while since I showed some embroidery.  I pulled this out of the box  a few weeks ago and started to embroider it.

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Added lace to gingham dress


hem crochet laceFor got to take a picture of the lace before I added it to the dress but I found this old picture that has two of the laces in it the antique ones.
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Little gingham dress done but not done


I finished sewing the gingham dress on Sunday but I as most know can not leave something plain Jane or the way a pattern tells me to do.  I have to add something to make it a little more special or a little more me.


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Added ribbon woven ribbon as belt


OK sometimes I just can not leave a project alone this one was bothering me because after I had finished sewing it, it still looked so plain even with the bright orange crinoline and an orange lining.  So I posted on face book that I thought it needed more just was not sure what.  When a cousin gave a suggestion of a wide belt 2 or 3 inches and a bow in the back.  This is not exactly what she suggested but  sort of is.

front with crinoline

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