Little gingham dress done but not done


I finished sewing the gingham dress on Sunday but I as most know can not leave something plain Jane or the way a pattern tells me to do.  I have to add something to make it a little more special or a little more me.


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>14+ yards of garland


14 + yards of garland

I had tons of green yoyos sitting around and about 1 year ago I made short garlands out of them. Well yesterday I decided that they are not very useful in short lengths so I joined them all together to make this one very long garland that is over 14 yards in length. Now to figure out where to hang it for the holidays and hey it would work for St. Patricks day too.

Here is a cute Christmas tree made out of yoyos and some Easter eggs too.

>Happy St.Patricks Day

Follow the below link to find some cute St.Patrick’s Day vintage paper dolls:

>Make a Shamrock from yoyo hearts


shamrock from Penny's hearts

A while back I posted about making shamrocks from penny’s hearts. You can either use her heart pattern or make real sweet little ones with the yoyo heart templates made by clover; either way you still have plenty of time to make some before St. Patrick’s day.

>Happy St. Patrick’s Day

>It is the wearing o’the green on Monday. May lots o’luck come your way. You still have time to make a bit o’green to wear for that day.

You can make a shamrock green brooch or a shamrock shaped pin out of Penny’s hearts; just don’t forget to shrink her pattern down or it will be huge. Or have lots of fun and combine the two ideas and make something new.

If food is on your mind, you could even make old fashioned rock candy in the color of green. Cream cheese mints could even be nice with green food coloring and mint flavors for the holiday.


>I have made a few garlands the last few days and they are in the store. I am still making Valentine’s and Thanksgiving; then I will go on to Halloween and Mother’s Day. Those hearts for the Valentine one are taking me a little bit more time to make. All of the garlands are a little longer than 2 yards a piece.

Currently there are:

Patriotic (One)

patriotic garland

St. Patrick’s day ( seven)

St. Patrick's day garland

Easter ( one)

easter garland close up 2

Christmas (one)

christmas garland close up

close up baby boy garland

>Garlands are in store

>full view
As of this morning, there are seven garlands in the store in the St Patrick’s Day area. They are a little over 2 yards long; about 2 yards and 3 to 4 inches. They are made using three different size yoyos in shades of green and yellow. The green for St. Patrick’s Day, and the yellow is for Leprechaun gold. There, of course, is less yellow because the Leprechauns don’t want to share and hide it under the green of Ireland. OK, I am being silly now.


>WIP for St. Patrick’s Day


start of 5 garlands

My goal is to make 5 garlands that are about 6 feet long (about 2 yards long) and place them in the store before St. Patrick’s Day. There are three different size yoyos involved in this endeavor.

I also have some in the works for Valentine’s Day, too. Those will have hearts and circle yoyos in them. Also three different size yoyos, maybe four sizes, haven’t totally decided yet on that one.

>One month after St. Patricks Day


from sid

Today in the mail I got a gift from Sid. After St. Patrick’s Day I saw some pins on flickr that she made for her co-workers. I commented on them, that I liked them. She was so sweet and sent me one. Funny, it arrived on the 17th of April — one month to the day after St. Patrick’s Day; how’s that for timing. She made the tag and card herself, too.

>Part 2: Rock show eggs and other items

>Since Easter just happened I thought this was fitting to show today. This is an egg display at the rock show.

eggs at rock show

I thought this was a lovely array of eggs. I especially like the lamp work ones and the snowflake obsidian.

There was another lovely display of carved stone. This other one was of carved elephants.

Carved elephant display

The glowing rocks were real neat; it took me awhile to figure out how to take good pictures in the dark that were not blurry since I didn’t bring a tri-pod. So I held the camera up to the glass to steady it for the long exposure; I think they came out well. These are all under black light.
There were lots of other displays as well, like this miniature train display. To see how small this is, that is a 5 year old’s finger in the bottom picture.Also, there were petrified wood and carved and polished metamorphic rocks, geodes, petrified turtles (fossil), and rocks carved into spheres.Lastly, the thing I don’t think I will ever understand, and it is gross to me, is stones bladed into knives with animal jawbones for the handle. Impractical as you could never hold it comfortably and absolutely discusting to me.

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