I am back …had a nice vacation

>Spring Break

>I have been busy with my family with spring break the last little bit.  Many things have happened from sick kids rupturing ear drums to the kids hamster having baby hamsters oh too many baby hamsters to say the least that poor little mama hamster sleep walks she is so tired from them all.

Update: 9:45 pm
Well she (the mom) was so ill from giving birth she passed away today.  I am now hand feeding 7 pups that are 10 days old.  They have to get to 21 to 24 days old before they are not hand fed any more wish us luck as these belong to the daughter who ruptured her ear and guess whose job it is to take care of them yep mine.  I am now the mama of 7 hamsters.  Wish me luck and sleep as they have to be fed every hour.  This is going to be harder than having a new born baby it is 7 newborns who eat more often.

To me and the girls plus 1 friend going to the Carl block art exhibit at the MOA at BYU.  For those who have seen it wow it is amazing  such detail and such beauty.  For those who have not I am sorry to say it is almost over and I think all the time slots are filled you have missed a wonderful spiritual event.

To the kids and husband seeing The “Real Salt Lake City Soccer Team“in competition.

Saw my book at a major chain craft store (hobby lobby) a first for that for me.

>Let them eat cake…


A little over a week ago.  My husband came home from work  telling about his new co-works wife and the website she has about her hobby making cakes.  I stopped by it and took a look she has several pages of cakes but enclosed in this post are just a few of my favorite ones from her site.  If you check out her blog say Wendy sent you.  For this being her hobby I think she has done a wonderful job.  The other need part is to go through her pages and see how she has progressed in her art.  I wish her many more hours of fun and enjoyment working/playing with this art-form. She is self taught in this hobby similar to I am in most of my hobbys. I did however take classes years ago when I worked at a craft shop to learn how to make cakes and decorate them (the class was free becasue at the end of class I would ring people up for the supplies they wanted to buy so instead of a paycheck during that time for working I got to take the classes).  If you have not ever done this I recommend it (cake decorating that is not working at a craft shop).  It is a fun project to learn how to do and even more fun to see the happiness on your families face when you bring the cake to the party.   The first two wedding cakes in this post are are very elegant to me they show pension for hi detail and simplicity at the same time.
I love the giraffe on this one so much wimsy.
 Oh the flower one in the vase is cupcakes so pretty would be great for Mother’s day or Valentines.
 All the photos in this post are from cake notes blog I do have permission to use them they are not my work.