>My Butterflygirl has an apron

My baby who isn’t so little any more has a birthday this week and wanted an apron for the last few months. She even bought two fat quarters with her tooth-fairy money so she could have an apron. Of course two fat quarters were not quiet enough to make a full apron for her, so I let her go through my fabric and pick one more fabric so she added a tan fabric to the two fabrics she already had. I think she did a good job picking out fabrics.

The Amy Buttler fabric my daughter picked because it reminded her of butterflies; as for the other fabric, I have no idea what company it is, but she liked it so that was all that mattered.

butterflygirls new apron for birthday

When I was making it she said she wanted it to be her birthday present. So when I wanted to use her as a mannequin to see if it fit, she walked into the room where I was working on it with her eyes closed in order to not spoil the surprise. Totally cute considering she picked out the fabrics and the pattern, but she didn’t want to see where I placed everything on it ’till it was done (yes, that square is a pocket) because she said it was to be a surprise. She even made me wrap it so it would be a present.

She is very proud of this apron. I finished it before church on Sunday, and she liked it so much she wore it to church over her dress. She said because she wore a pink dress to church it matched so it was OK to wear an apron to church. She was having so much fun with it I didn’t mind at all. She wore the apron all day ’till bed time; she may have even worn it to bed for all I know.

I didn’t make the embroidery in the background; I bought it from an old neighbor of ours years ago. I really like the doll; it was found at a thrift store. She is hand made got her a few years back too for $5.00.

>Happy Happy Birthday ….

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Happy Happy Birthday, originally uploaded by littlepinkstudio.

to me. I hope your day is filled with love; mine will be filled with errands and job hunting and love, of course. Many happy returns of the day to you all.

I bet you all can guess my birthday wish: a job/career that fits in with my family.


>Being room-mom of all three of my kids’ classes at two different schools on Halloween is a challenge. So, nothing like planing three separate parties for kids ranging from 5 to 11 years old and hosting the parties all at the same time at two different schools in three different class rooms! Just a little crazy, but it all worked out.

Also I have a daughter, the butterfly girl, who’s birthday falls around Halloween, so not only do we plan a party for at our house with friends, but one after school. The one after school was at the school because our kids’ schools are over an hour away with bad traffic, and we figured no one would want to come to our home. So, two more parties I had to plan and host.

On top of this, my knee is acting up and I have been wearing a knee brace. Old injures from youth because of being on soccer, track and cross country teams.

Because of all this, I have not made much progress on the Halloween yoyo quilt. It is a little too big now to get a good photo of it laying on the floor. I was standing on a chair with my arm as high as I could get it, and I still cut a little bit out of the quilt in the photo.

progress on quilt

>Swedish Weave Part 2


close up Swedish weave blanket

A long time back I showed the two Swedish weave blankets my Mother-in-law made for my oldest and youngest daughters. Over the summer she gave one to my middle daughter for her 8th birthday. I just realized I have never shown it. She sleeps with it every night so it may not be the cleanest in this photo, but we love it and she, my daughter, defiatly does. Some day I plan on making one for myself, but it hasn’t happened yet. Incase you have never seen this type of weaving, you buy Monks cloth and weave into the weave of the cloth forming patterns with yarn. It is very similar to huck weaving, but that is done on a smaller weave for table cloths and things of that sort.

Swedish weave blanket

>Trying to get caught up on a few things

>Penny over at Penny Sanford Porcelains sent me the loveliest brooch/charm I have seen made out of Porcelain. She makes these herself. She gave this to me as an award titled “The Happy Penny Award”. I think it is very sweet. I love that she is doing hand work because I do tons of that. Penny does sell these; if you are interested, follow links to her site.When we went to my in-laws for a late Easter egg hunt, my mother-in-law gave me a birthday present. I think it is so cool; I just wish I had a little bit of time to sit down and play with it. Life is so busy at the current time. I really love this item; I discovered the other day that in Japan they sell a larger and smaller version of this and also heart and flower ones, too. I just can’t figure out how to order them yet.I was in a fat-quarter swap at MJF forum with nine other women. The fat quarter I sent in is the third from left; it is a vintage fabric my Vavo purchased. It’s always fun to see the variety you get in a swap — thanks, ladies!Suzy homemaker who is also at MJF sent me this lovely Easter card with a fat quarter of fabric. I am going to have so much fun with fabric in the near future. I love this fabric; it is so soft and delicate looking. Would be lovely as a Mother’s Day item. Hmm… I might think on that one a little.I have a few more items to show and say thank you for; I just didn’t have time to photograph them all, so you will probably see them later. A box and envelope of fabric from levisgrammy at MJF. Also a box from This Vintage Chica with real cute items in it.

Updated 12:33 p.m.

This is the box and envelope of fabric from levisgrammy at MJF.This stuff below are the items from “This Vintage Chica” and an apron from her, too. I still need to send her fabric and yarn for the exchange; sorry I’m so long in doing this. I just love roosters; aren’t those just the cutest plates. The white sheer item is a curtain that I may make into an apron later after I get a chance to try and remove the stain. I knew about the stain before she sent it. I think it will still work out lovely.This is one of those times when I wish I had a mannequin or dress form or something to drape clothes on; this is real cute and the lighting didn’t do it justice nor did laying it on the floor. It is a vintage apron, but the colors are still popular today. I would love to make a quilt someday in this color scheme. This is about three shades of pink and three shades of chocolate; it’s hard to see in this photo — bad lighting. But super super cute!!

>Birthday flowers and wishes

>I have never been big on getting cut flowers for my birthday so about four years ago when my kids brought me these mini daffodils I was excited. I got flowers and they didn’t have to be killed. Now, every year at my birthday, they have been in full bloom. This year the weather is so weird they have tried to bloom but have missed the target date. I also have one, yep just one crocus in bloom. Mother nature sure has confused these plants this year.

If you have not figured it out yet, today is my birthday. Do I have special plans for the day? Nope! Doing chores and making, if I am lucky, I can finish my English paper piecing tutorial that I took photos for 2 weeks ago, that is if all goes well. Who knows, with my kid still not feeling well and the doctors clueless as to why.

Like anyone else, I have a wish list, too. A silly one, but definately a crafter’s one. I don’t plan on getting any of these, not right now anyway, this is just wishing for fun. All of these items are actually on the same site. Just so we know, this is a wish list for myself — things that I hope to buy for myself in the future when I get a chance.

Birthday wish list:

  1. Clover Embroidery hoop stand I already have the other half of this item just need the base.
  2. Quick yo-yo maker large I just think these will be fun to play with even though I already know how to make yo-yos. I think it would be neat to see yo-yos with even gathers. Have some ideas in my head.
  3. Quick yo-yo maker small
  4. “kantan Couture” Bead Embroidery Tool I love tambor work this looks like an easy tool to do it with.
  5. 360 deg turnable hoop 7 inches Hoop for tambor work.

>Family Fun Old Fashioned Candy Crystals / Rock Candy

>For family fun about 1 week ago we made candy crystals. You can make them, too. You will need adult supervision because this requires cooking water and sugar on the stove.

Supplies needed:

  • 1c. water
  • 3c. white granulated sugar
  • 3 drinking glasses
  • 1 wooden spoon
  • food coloring in desired colors (optional)
  • 3 pieces of cotton cords, measuring 8 to 10 inches each
  • 3 Popsicle sticks, or pencils will work, too
  • 1 small plate
  • 1 sauce pan


  1. Mix together the 1 cup water with 2 cups of sugar in the sauce pan place on stove . Heat the mixture over medium-high heat until it boils, or bubbles rapidly. (Keep children away from this part.)
  2. Keep stirring ’till the sugar dissolves. The water will look clear again. Then add the remaining sugar a little at a time. Do this ’till no more sugar will dissolve.
  3. Turn the heat off on the stove. Let the mixture stand to cool for 15 minutes. Have the adult pour the mixture into the glasses. At this point add in the food coloring.
  4. Now tie 1 end of the cotton cord around the sticks. Next lay the sticks across the top of the glasses (we used mugs; I don’t recommend them because it was hard to get the crystals out). Let the cords hang into the mixture.
  5. The crystals will start to form in about one day (ours was a little faster than 24 hours). Now pull the cords out of the glasses and lay them on a plate to harden and dry out.

Eat and enjoy.

Just so you know, ours had a hard time coming out of the cup. I do not recommend mugs; real tall glasses work best. So I scooped everything out and laid it on a cookie sheet that had been covered with plastic wrap and put a child’s toy block under one end so the crystal could form and the excess liquid could run to the other end. The end results are in the pictures; it still worked, just a different way of doing it. This way took about 2 1/2 days to dry out . Then I just picked up the plastic wrap and all the crystals peeled off so nicely and I placed them in a crystal bowl.

This would be nice as an Easter, Birthday, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine treat.

>Let it snow ..let it snow…Let it snow…

>So last night when my little sick family went to bed (there are four of us sick out of five), all was quiet outside. Which usually means it is snowing. This morning when we all woke up it was still quiet, still snowing, so I opened the blinds to reveal a winter wonderland; over night about a foot of snow fell.

I think that is the best gift for an anniversary yep today is my anniversary of marriage. I am lucky to have a loving husband with a fun sense of humor who I love very much. Funny thing about being sick on your anniversary, it is just quiet family time.

Now I just have to figure out how two adults who are both ill will shovel out our long drive way before it turns in to a skating rink of ice. Not a fun thought. ‘Till then I will just look at the pretty white snow on the trees.

>A kids how too make airplane ornament


This is easy, even for tiny kids; no gluing or anything like that.Supplies
  • 2 rolls of life savers ( one for body and one you open for wheels)
  • 1 stick of gum with wrapper still on it
  • 1 rubber band
  • 1 ornament hanger or paper clip bent open ( not pictured)

How to make:

  1. pull rubber band through both wheels and over one wing.
  2. place closed roll of life savers over wheels and under wing
  3. Pull other end of rubber band over other wing and adjust wheels. ( this step is not shown) . The finished plane is easy enough to understand from finished item picture and description.
  4. Attach hook on both rubber bands above wings and hang on tree. ( not pictured)

Also cute as a party favor to entertain kids while gathering.

My MIL taught me how to make these a few years after I married her son.

Update for an older kid also get

  • another rubber band
  • a tootsie roll
  • a smarties
  • small crochet hook to fit through center of roll

make hole in each end of life saver roll. Push hook through it grab one end of new rubber band. Place a tootsie roll inside of band and pull tight to life savers place smarties at other end this makes tail and prop. Also if You want a stronger set of wings use a 5 pack of gum and don’t unwrap.

If you don’t want to use tootsie roll you can use a match with the head cut off and put a piece of craft paper on it for tail too.

Just get creative.