Happy Epiphany and Befana day

My grandmother had this witch in her house that we called Befana when I was a child ( we actually had a few of them).  She was the Italian witch ( more like a midwife I would say) In Italy the children wait until Epiphany, January 6, for their presents.
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Merry Christmas…

on piano

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Happy Santa Lucia Day

Santa Lucia and baby Jesus and nativity
My grandmother did this when we were little girls my older sister and myself.  We (my older sister and myself) would put on a crown of candles and walk through the house bearing treats.  Now that my grandmother has passed I guess it is time for me to pick of the light again and pass it on to my own children to do.  Above is one of two crowns we wore as children that my grandmother ( Vova had on display in 2009).

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Happy Sinterklaas

sinterklaas shoes 

Hope your day was full of toys and treats.  Not switches and coal.  Many happy holidays to you all.

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A RPL project finished / not finished

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This is from when I was teaching years and years ago at the West Jordon Stitching Corner. It was set up as a sampler for the class I had a few made so I was prepared for different classes. Also so so I did not have to take the time in class to bast and finish that many threads.

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Merry Christmas

merry Christmas 
Hope your day is filled with love and family

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RPLAL 2011 holly berry ornament December

holyMy family has decided to make a few ornaments for the holidays.  My oldest daughter and I have drafted patterns together again to be able to share with my blog readers so if you would like to join my family in making ornaments please do and add your finished work to the RPL group on flicker or ravelry.
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