>Bad bad computer

>OK so I have not posted in awhile; it is my computers fault. It has this mind-of-its-own thing happening lately and wouldn’t let me see anything. The screen worked just fine; just no images could be seen, and I mean none. My desktop didn’t even show up — just a fuzzy, bluish sort of color — so my husband finally got 10 minuets and fixed it for me. Not his fault; he is so busy with work. The bummer was I had two actual days off work last week, which I never get, and I wanted to post the last two parts of my tutorial and no computer to do it on. So what did I do? Pay bills, run errands, and clean house (maybe that was a good thing because, with the job/commute and all that goes with it, I just haven’t had any time to do basic cleaning). So the three little ones and I surprised dad with a clean house. How sad is that, that something like that can be a surprise and a nice thing. Like I said, no time. I hung a few pictures that have been leaning against walls since we moved in one year ago.

Something else I discovered when my computer was working again (if you don’t keep track of the blogs you read with bloglines this will mean nothing to you) I found out while I wasn’t able to post a thing that all the blogs I read posted over 700, yep 700 and some posts, that bloglines saved for me to read, well at least look at the pretty pictures as that was way too much stuff to read; yikes!

Also during my disappearance I went to my MIL’s house to pick up some aprons that had belonged to Great-Grandma Harbaugh (30 + of them). They are not mine; they are just on loan. I will post about them more later. Trust me, you want to see them if you like aprons; such a variety of vintage and antique aprons.

>Hand Cut Silhouettes

>I just wanted to show a silhouette that I cut recently. The silhouettes fit in a 5 x 7 frame for size reference. I am very pleased with the results, as the photo was not good. I hope the person getting it likes it, too.

These make great Mother’s Day or Father’s day gifts.