number 1 today on ravelry.. Happy 4th of July

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This was a fun thing to wake up to the cord being number 1 and the necklace at 36 this morning thank you everyone and I hope you have a lovely 4th of July mine was great just seeing this.
Be safe today with your fireworks.

Colonial Days and the 4th of July

To celebrate the birth of our country we have been participating in colonial days July 1,2, and 4 and have had so much fun in the sun so hot in those costumes.

don't light the paper fan
husband and daughter lighting celebration cup cake

Took a lot of prep-work for a few weeks to get everything the way we wanted it. We have taught rug making woven and braided how to make dolls, Betsy Ross stars, English paper piecing, bobbin lace, yoyos and so on.

middle making yarn dolls
Middle daughter making yarn dolls to sell and Me I am making braided rugs you can see the braid in the bottom right of photo that I was working on when I took this photo.
teaching betsy ross stars
Youngest daughter with her basket ready to teach Betsy Ross stars.

oldest teaching rug weaving
Oldest daughter teaching demonstrating  twining ( a type of rug weaving)

Lots of nice people stop by and visit with us.  The girls have had fun got over whelmed sometimes by the interest in the class they were teaching but fun all the same today is the last day stop by and say hi.  My children have also been helping a spinner there she was teaching them to card wool for her which is good as two days prior I was given 1/2 fleece which I still need to wash a little more and pick clean then they can card it for me to try spinning with ( drop spindle spinning that is)

learning to card
Youngest learning to card from Juanita another artisan there demonstrating you can see her in the background spinning wool.

A few more photos from the event are here.

>Where were you…

>I was at the doctors office in the waiting room when I saw it on a little tv. Then I went to see the doctor to be told I had to be on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. What have you done to make the world better because of this. I have become more God centered and more patriotic much more than I ever thought I would be from the point of view I had as a teenager.

>School Play


My oldest daughter played Martha Washington in the school play last week. I think she did great she memorized her part all on her own. You know the scary thing about these photos is I just realized how tall my oldest daughter is getting. She is almost up to my chin and is up to her Pai’s neck. Make her stop growing; I am not ready for this!Here she is doing her mono-logue. She is pretending to read a letter from George Washington, but the paper is actually blank; this is all memorized. Not a very good video, but the idea is there for family who are far away from us.

>Substitute teaching & back roads

>I get to teach one of the one of three 1st Grade classes at my kids’ school today. Just happens to be one of the two without my daughter in it, probably a good thing.

Yesterday on Presidents’ Day my husband wanted to go on some back roads just to see what we could see on the old snow covered trails. We saw quiet a few pretty sights.

My oldest daughter likes horses and wanted a picture of this one with its winter coat.

presidents road trip

My second daughter is born near the 4th of July and likes all things patriotic and she found this flag and wanted a picture of it.

presidents road trippresidents road trip

The last daughter likes deer (well, we all do) and wanted a picture of these mule deer.

presidents road trippresidents road trip

Also in honor of Presidents’ Day, I also am working on a patriotic jacket for a baby. I will put it in the store when done. It would be cute to wear to a 4th of July event or some other patriotic event or holiday.

start of another baby jacket

>Happy President’s Day


>Handmade suit and a Flintlock


revolution demo

So I got off work a little early today (due to lack of business; I hope this changes soon or I am going to be out a job). Anyway, I went to my kids’ school early to pick them up and figured I would just work on some crochet in the car while I waited. To my surprise about 5 minutes after I got there out came my daughter’s class.

The 5th graders are learning about the revolutionary war this year and are even putting on a school play about it; my oldest is playing Martha Washington. So one of their lessons was hands- on, so to speak.

The suit Mr. Cornell is wearing, a revolutionary- type suit, is all hand stitched. How cool is that and all his weapons and other stuff are handmade, too. He demonstrated to the class how to load and fire a flintlock (no ball, of course, just black power and wad). He showed them how the ram rod works and how to bite the bullet. Those sayings have almost no meaning any more, but the kids learned the original meanings and from where they came. He also explained that the gun weighs about 10 pounds and that it is roughly 5 feet 4 inches tall, about the height of some of the children in class. When this type of gun was originally in use, the average man was about the same height as the gun. This surprised the children because they couldn’t believe that they are the height of an adult who lived 200 years ago.

There are a few more photos from this in my flickr photos.

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