The Glass tour (Holdman Studios)

I didn't take as many photos as I wanted to because this is a working studio and some projects are hush hush until they are mounted in place in their prospective buildings.  But it was so neat to see stain glass windows that will placed in LDS temples and other buildings too before they get placed there.  So lovely and so many pieces they are amazing works of art all of them.

Glass blowing Studio

Holdman studios
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Mummy Egyptian Mask

after being trimmed 

My middle daughter has been studying Egypt in school and they are supposed to make a death mask.  Well that was supposed to happen this morning but with a fever 101+ yeah umm she didn't go to school.  So I went to school for about an hour so I could see how it was done and came home and did this with her.
This is how I was taught to do this…
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>Back to school…


We had our first day of school this week.  That is why you have not see me in a little bit.  Trying to get all the last detail things done and soccer also started.  Which keeps us a little busy as well with three daughters on three different teams and coaching them and the games.  There are other things that have pulled me away from the blog for a little bit too maybe I will explain at a later date on that.  Bear with me I will be back at this soon.  Thanks for your patients and understanding I have a few more heirloom tutorials photographed and just need to prepare the text part of the post hopefully soon.

>How to:Lilac Gift Tag


all done

Playing with the kids coming up with holiday ideas for their Valentine’s Day Parties at school, that of course are not on Valentine’s Day because it lands on Sunday. I decided to make gift tags to add to the teachers gifts. Looking around the house this is what I found. These would be cute for Mother’s day, or Easter too.


  • glue ( I had YES paste (17 years old and still works amazing) and Elmer’s glue kicking around use what ever you like or have)
  • toothpicks to use with white glue
  • corner punches
  • flower punch
  • shipping tags
  • decorative string or yarn (not pictured)
  • construction paper in colors desired 3 to 5 colors (we used3: solid lavender, variegated pink, variegated red)
  1. Punch tons of flowers out of construction paper we placed them in a zip lock bag and shook to mix them
  2. Remove string from tag ( you can replace it later with same string or decorative yarn, string)
  3. add decorative punches to the corners of tag (our tags had been notched already I wish they had not been would have been prettier)
  4. add glue to tag in a paisley or tear drop like shape
  5. add flat flowers to tag
  6. bend petals of flowers up and place a drop of glue on back of center of flower and place in desired location on tag continue to do this till as full as you like (the photos are showing one with them added and one that doesn’t have bent flowers yet)(the very first one only shows one bent flower on the right picture)side by sideraised detail
  7. replace string or add new one
  8. write in space left on tag your desired message

>Part 4 Moon Festival…and the beat goes on

>While at the moon festival there was this drum show. I only recorded a small portion of it. I loved the rhythms and the beats and the way the musicians inter-played with each other while still keeping the beat.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

>Part 3 Moon Festival…in the news


red and white lion dancers

While at the moon festival we watched the lion dancers from cal poly but the show announcer called these dragons . So now I don’t now what these are lions or dragons. I think lions but still not real sure if someone knows please let me know. We sat and stood right in the spot where they spat out the cabbage so we are supposed to have wealth and good luck in the coming year.

red lion dancers
red and whie lion dancers
white lion dancerswhite lion dancers

I have a video but blogger isn’t letting me post it for some reason it is having issues loading. OK since when do you have to have a YouTube account to post a video on blogger.


This is the front page of the Hanford Sentinel From Oct 5, 2009 if you look close you can see my kids are on the cover page watching the Cal Poly Lion dancers. If you look close at this page you will also notice the Renaissance fair that we went to later in the day.

>Moon Festival Part 2 Taoist Temple Museum


outside of taoist temple

There is a Taoist temple on China Alley in Hanford California that was built circa 1880. The temple is on the second floor of a red building. On the bottom floor is a gift shop that sells items to help in the restoration of the temple. We picked up so soaps chop sticks, china doll, hat (seen in last post) and a few other items in the shop to help the temple and to remember the trip. The lighting was terrible in the temple and people are not aloud to use flash so there are tons of cool things in the temple but my photos did not come out well. Most of these are from the school in the room just behind the temple room.

In temple room

emperior and dieties

In class room

Mache Wedding doll set These have already been restored

mache wedding dollmache wedding doll

between dolls
This image is full of symbols that represent a long life.

between mache dolls

to the right of the dolls

is this cloth that has mirrors and knot work fringe both of which are to capture evil spirits so they do not harm the people in the room. the Mirrors to enchant them (ie scare them with their own reflection) and the knotted fringe to trap them in the knots

cloth to enchant spirits

Incense burner above and to right of mirrored cloth


Funeral paper clothes these are carried in the funeral per-session then burned so that the deceased relative will have clothes in the after life it is all hand painted wish my photo came out better as it was beautiful.

paper kimono to be burned at a funeral so the decessed has clothes to wear in the after life

To the left of funeral clothes is this embroidery that symbolizes the tree of life the story is something like if you see a deer follow it and it will lead you to the tree of life if you eat the moss/fungus at the bottom of the tree you will live forever.

embroidery representing the tree of life
close up

This paper has conji on it that reads either for the love of country or the honor of country the comji on the left reads the country inside the walls I.e. China

the word on the left reads china

>Moon Festival Part 1

>Just got back from a trip to California for my Vavo’s 95th birthday. While there I went to the Moon festival in Hanford in China Alley. We had a ton of fun one of the first things the girls did was visit an origami both.

origami crane flag and its maker
The man sitting here made all of the origami in this post. He is in the middle of writing a book about origami. I wish I had got his name so I could give him credit.
close up of cranesorigami ornaments
studying origami

origami both
Daughter in black had two ear aches at the time of this photo and was happy to be at the festival and miserable all at the same time.

>On the way to school



I rounded a corner this morning on the way to school and this is what I was greeted by. We actually drove under it, it was about 20 feet above us. All the kids waved and the balloon pilot waved back too the kids got all excited. There was actually two balloons in the air but I only took photos of one. Didn’t have my normal camera so these are with my razr sorry not better photos. It was fun watching them and seeing how they hid the sun and glowed then the sun would show up again. It landed in the parking lot of the school for a few moments then took off again. Just a pretty sight and thought I would share. Life is beautiful in the simple pleasures.


>UHF and Wheeler Farm

>I spent Saturday with my friends at UHF (not the movie but the Utah Hemophilia Foundation). The foundation was celebrating 50 years of service with an event at Wheeler farm. My girls and I all have VWD (Von Willenbrand’s Disease similar to hemophiolla but not exactly the same)

The girls rode ponies and played on inflatable games (not all pictured). Had cotton candy and made art project we all had fun.Petted a few farm animals and fed a few too.Looked at some cool old farm implements and a cool old barn.
Did I ever mention that I want a house that looks like a barn then my children can say yes they were raised in a barn. This isn’t a joke I really do want a house that looks like a barn.
Can I just say I am loving being a full time mom again. These simple things I had missed just a day with the kids being silly.

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