>Help job wanted from home

>Hello I am still looking for a job I can do from home. True, I currently have a job being a florist and will continue to do so as long as needed, but I’m just wondering if there are people out there who need a pattern tester. I can do that. I sew and crochet and tat and do other hand work; if you know of someone who is in need of a pattern tester, please refer me to them and them to me. Thanks!

>Happy Tears



Happy tears, sort of a weird thing. Today was the first day I didn’t teach, but because I had the day off of work, I helped at school (to give the new teacher all my records and get her up to date with the class and what they are studying), except I left for a few minutes to take my sick daughter to her aunt’s house. It was a hard day, to say the least. I cried both happy and sad tears today. Sad because I wanted to be teaching the students and be in the room with them during their class time, but that wouldn’t be fair to the new teacher. My oldest daughter’s class is across the hall from the two classes that had my students (I guess ex-students, now). So when school let out and the children came out, all my students saw me waiting for my daughter. Can I just say how great 2nd Graders are? They all said they missed me and wished I would come back and teach them and gave me hugs and told me they loved me (they thought I didn’t want to teach them any more). I explained if I could I would, and I would still be their sub if possible. I also explained that they should be kind to their new teacher and be good for her. They said they would but that they liked me better as a teacher; very sweet of them, but at that point I fell apart crying. I have done that way too much lately (including now). I told them whenever they see me in the halls they are welcome to say hi and give hugs. Even if I am not their teacher in class, they are still dear children to me.

old drawing (1986-1987)

The second to last day I taught, the students asked if they could see some drawings I did when I was young. These images I took from ads in the early 80’s when I was between 14-15 (ok, so I was young and the pictures look like it, but I think they are good for the age I was). One was, I think, a Chicago ballet ad and the other two are Christian Dior ads. They are not original ideas, but they are modified from the originals as the originals (the Dior ads) are photos of models and mine are stipple drawings. The ballet ad was water colors, where mine is prisma color pencils.

another dior add my version
dior add my version

>Long story short

>It didn’t happen for me; someone else gets to teach the children. At least I had fun with it for a month. Yes, it hurts, but it is nothing that will not pass; it did last time as long as I don’t talk about it much.

Thanks for thinking of me.
Take Care

>Value studies

>I was teaching Value studies today in art. So I brought in some things I did as a teenager as both good and bad examples of a value study. It was interesting asking students at a religious school what are values (mind you, these are 4th Graders). I did preface the question with the statement that it had nothing to do with morals, but they did not understand the question. After about ten students, a person got the answer correct. Then as we discussed pencil hardnesses and such and how to draw and what was a highlight in a graphite drawing and such, I could see the children light up as they figured it out. It was a very fun day teaching. I will find out probably tomorrow if I get to be their permanent teacher, or if this was just a fun event in my life. I do hope I get to be the children’s teacher; I so do love teaching them, and they are such great students. Pray for me because it will be real hard to not get this a second time. I cried for a few days the first go round; it will be harder this time after having actually taught the children.

All the drawings and lithography below are my work, mostly from when I was a teenager, that I used as examples today. These are some of the drawings and such I posted today in class; some never got completed when I was young.

Good example of a value study
value study
Hand value studies
value study
value studies
value study
Face value studies, first one not as good as the second
face studies
eye study in value
Pencil and chalk drawing
pencil and chalk drawing
Example of incomplete work and a good example of a bad example of values (nose disappears).
unfinished drawing
Another good example of a bad example; see the face disappears into the background, also an incomplete work.
drawing of a clown of mine
High contrast value study
high contrast study
Seeing in reverse value study (there was a mirror used for 1/3 of the image)
working from a mirror as a teen
Good example of a value study
value study drappery
Good example of a value study
value study crumped paper
Good example of a value study
value study
Good example of a value study (lithograph image Title “Tree of Life,” did this as an adult at BYU)
litho-graph tree of life

My classroom

70% of room
sink area art room
art room my point of view
art room
art room ( students point of view)

>So where am I…

>Well I am still here; it is just that I somehow have lost my camera battery and can’t take photos at the moment. I have been busy working at the flower shop and at the school. I am having so much fun teaching you can’t believe it.

You know it is funny the things kids say. Three of the second graders kept starring at me the other day, so I asked them why. One thought I looked like Nanny McPhee (here came the scary part) I had to ask. “At the beginning of the movie (see picture to right) or the end during the wedding (how she normally looks see left)!?!” “Yes,” she said, “the end of the movie.” That was a relief. (These two photos have links as to where they came from — they are not my work.)

So the second little girl kept starring at me, and after a while it made me nervous; you know that feeling like you have spinach in your teeth. I asked her if something was wrong, her response was ” No, but did you know you are pretty!”

The last little girl kept it up the longest, so of course I asked her if something was wrong or if she had a question about the assignment. She said ” No, but I didn’t know princesses could be teachers!” I asked her why she thought I was a princess. She explained it had to do with the head bands I like to wear (see image to left). I don’t think I look anything like Emma Thompson. I look like plain ol’ me, not pretty or ugly just normal and I am happy that way. (Photo of me to the right.)

Who could have a bad day with little children like that!

Soon as I find my camera battery I will be back to posting; it has to be here somewhere.

>sights I see..

>These are things that I see almost every day on my commute:


Timpanogoes Temple (LDS temple).

Kinda hidden by weeds lately, but still cool, is this carved rose and other carved items such as corn and people all on this one farm that each Halloween has a corn maze.imgp8321
giant carved ear of corn from tree trunk
giant caved man from tree

On a side note, I will act as TA today in the classes I will be subbing for next week. I hope this turns into a career, and not just a temp job.

>What a weekend

>So Friday I got off of work an hour early and walked to my sister-in-law’s who watches my children. There we had dinner and waited for my husband to arrive so we could spend the entire night driving to California to go to a family reunion. We left at 6 pm Utah time and arrived 3 am California time. Got to see family and had fun Saturday at the reunion that started at 10 am and was over by 3 pm.

my sister and my daughters
family reunion kids saying prayer

We went back to my va vo’s where we all watched Spiderwick, except me — I took a nap. Then that night we went to bed, got up, visited with my grandmother and sisters ’till noon ,and tried to drive home to Utah. The reason I say tried is we got a flat in the Mojave dessert in California and almost another near Nephi, Utah, in the dark.

flat in mojave
view while fixing flat

We stopped at Sunshine gas to make sure no second flat tire. Just had to take a photo of the name of the gas station, thought it was such a cool name (wink wink)! Don’t ask me why large chunks of wood are in the middle of a freeway, I don’t get it. We got home at 2 am Utah time.
Saw a double rainbow in the middle of Nevada during 108 degree weather.

rainbow in 108 temp in nevada

The reason for the real quick trip was that my children started school Monday, and we had to get up at 5 am to start our day. It is the first time all three of them have been at the same school. It is nice to have one drop-off time and one pick-up time, not two and three like last year.

Also on the trip to California, I received a phone call from my children’s vice principle saying that the art teacher job is open again and they need a sub ’till they find a teacher, and do I want to be a sub, and am I still interested in the job? Cross your fingers and pray because I still want this job. It would be so nice to teach my two youngest daughters in school, and to have the same holidays as they do, which doesn’t happen working at a flower shop.

The picture of the girls in front of a cannon is at school; one of the teachers made it then fired it off to celebrate the start of a new school year after their morning Devotional and Pledge of Allegiance. If you notice the white building in the left of the picture, that is the Latter-Day Saint Temple that faces my kids’ school. So pretty to see every morning.

first day of school
first day of school in school rotunda

>For those who are curious…

>I have accepted a part time job at a local Floral shop in the town where my kids go to school (25-32 hours a week). So, looks like I will be a Florist/Designer again; I put myself through College and the University being one. There are other places that wanted to hire me, but they wanted me to work Sundays, and that is just plain not a function in our lives. That is God and Family day, and that is how it will stay.

As for the part-time job (9-10 hours a week) teaching at my children’s school, I did that interview, and I feel good about it. I hope to still get that job, but I won’t know that for one and a half to two months, and I have bills to pay now. So, if I do get it, I believe and pray that the two jobs will work together well, still giving me nights and Sundays with my family. Saturday, well that belongs to the flower shop. If the two jobs don’t work together, I will have to cross that bridge at that time. From everything I have heard from the owner of the flower shop, she tells me she is understanding about me wanting to be with my children and wanting to help in their education.

I also want to give a big shout out to my sister-in-law without who’s love and help none of this could happen. She is the one who will be collecting my youngest every day from K-grade for me. That part is tearing me up! I will miss her excited face as she says bye to all her little friends and all the little kids telling me thank you for helping every day. I feel like I have let them down somehow. I was only a room mom, but I was the room mom who was there every day 15 minutes before class and 10 minutes after to make sure I could help in any way I could.

Yesterday, to top it off, one daughter was locked in her classroom for two hours (somehow four of her classmates had broken the class door and locked every one in), and she was so excited to see me after they shattered a window to get them out of the classroom because the locksmith wasn’t working fast enough. She came running to me yelling, “Mae Mae” (which means “mom”), worried that I would be mad that she didn’t come right out when school was over (I already knew what was happening), and she was excited to see me at the same time and tell me of her adventure. I wasn’t mad, I was just concerned that she was okay and not cut from going out a broken window.

My middle daughter had someone pull the fire alarm at her school, so she was scared, too, because they where not sure if the school was really on fire or if it was a childish prank. Either way, not good to a second grader. She was glad to see Mae, too, and know she was safe.

The third was trying to loose her second tooth. In our house that can mean lots of blood because of VWD (Von Willenbrands Disease, similar in concept to hemophilia). So she had blood on her hands, all over her face, and was scared because she saw her reflection. I finished removing the tooth from her mouth, cleaned her up, and stopped the bleeding so she wasn’t scared any more. Then to see her excitement afterward that, hey, the tooth fairy is coming tonight! From scared to happy in all of 10 minutes. Now I have to miss some of this and all the children at their schools who I have helped every day. Sadness and lack of sleep don’t even come close to describing me right now.

At the same time I am excited about working again, and the interaction with people and all that brings; just a little ball of emotional nerves, I guess. New job starts in four hours — wish me and my family luck and love that we can get through these changes because all my children have ever known is Mom is always there home, school, church, anywhere; and now, that isn’t the case.

I wanted to thank all my readers who sent well wishes and thoughts and encouragement. It has meant a lot to me.

The Easter Lilly on this page came from my youngest daughter’s teacher at school as a birthday present to me. An Easter lily; a symbol of Christ and all he has done for us, and how he knows all our pains, and of rebirth. I will leave this post thinking of that.

>Happy Happy Birthday ….

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Happy Happy Birthday, originally uploaded by littlepinkstudio.

to me. I hope your day is filled with love; mine will be filled with errands and job hunting and love, of course. Many happy returns of the day to you all.

I bet you all can guess my birthday wish: a job/career that fits in with my family.

>YoYo progress on Halloween Star Quilt



In case you all thought I forgot about this project, or scrapped it, I haven’t; it was just put on the back burner for a while. I still plan on having it done for next Halloween. I have included one of my children as a size-sort of reference. She is a typical 6-year-old in size, if that helps all who wondered how big this was so far. End goal is big enough to fit on my double pillow-top king-size bed. I have a ways to go, to say the least.

still working on it

other posts on this quilt

For those who are curious, I am still job hunting.

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