1 of 2 peplums for Jo

detail front

I have made two peplum jackets for the character Jo in the play with matching skirts these are for the final two scenes of the play.

lace cuff

tailsThe second to last one is the brown one  it is more of a fall winter scene and I wanted the dress to carry that color them with it.
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Meg’s dress

front megs dress

shawldetail of fabric ( back side of fabric being used as right side)This is the dress Meg is wearing right before she gets married in the play. The fabric is actually an ugly brown color that looked dirty and such to me. So what did I do
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meg’s blue dress

front side 
This is the dress that the character Amy remakes in the play.  Which I have already posted on here the remake.  Meg is modest shy and more motherly so this dress is supposed to show those types of details in her life.

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Mr March’s dressing gown

detail of fabric

So the Character Mr. March is supposed to wear a dressing robe/gown in a few scenes as he is recovering.  I never knew how hard it would be to find a pattern like that.  I dressing robe is sort of like  a bath robe except youare usually fully dressed under it and it is more formal.    it is meant to be used when relaxing or getting ready for the day so you do not get hair gel ( oils, mascar in those days) on your clothes.  usually made of rich fabrics and velvets.  The costuming said it needed to look old and worn.  Because people do not wear this style of robe any more I had to improvise and modern bathrobes had a total wrong look.  I happen to find a kimono costume pattern thrift shopping (.50 cents)that had not been cut yet.  I figured with minor tweaking it would do ok.
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3 aprons for Hanna

back act 1frontA lot of the characters in this play wear aprons. I  think I will be making over nine aprons for the play some will be pinafore like.  The three in this post are for Hanna the servant and family friend.  She is supposed to have four aprons but I have not made the last one yet.  These aprons I am purposely re-purposing old items as the March family and Hanna are not supposed to have money for new things.  So these are made out of old faded bed sheets a few have little holes in them and so on.

The gray apron is the first one the character Hanna will wear.  It is meant to be reminiscent of the military stripes the men wear.   It is made from a gray sheet that had zero embellishments on it.  The ribbon i used at the waist and hem was a piece of gross grain two toned ribbon I saved from a gift someone gave me.  There is velvet ribbon on the pockets same ribbon used for Jo's red dress from Act 1.  The black cord you see is southache braid again.  The buttons on the collar are antique jet buttons and true to period.  The flowers you see are made out of double sided satin ribbon with 7 bead centers.

sideI am giving each apron at least 1 pocket some two so that the actors have places to put props they will use on stage like unlit candles and handkerchiefs and things of that sort.
  Usually in a play you do not put your backside to the audience,.  But just in case that happens I wanted the back to be just as interesting as the front on the aprons sometimes more so.

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Little bit of this and that make yarn

hand for size reference

 I had some sample yarn cards that I purchased at a thrift store a few years
lace weight gray wool used as binderago.  I had originally thought I would use them in embroidery but that never happened.  I also had this cone of wool in lace weight also from a thrift store a while back. Between the two items I spent about 4 dollars so no big investment to say the least.  I was straightening up my project area and the basket that held the yarn samples tipped over and fell next to some purple roving.

some of the sample cards A thought quickly ran through my head that I could spin the samples the same as I would roving and make 1 long piece of usable yarn that was multicolored and funky with a life of its own just like the rugs in my home that I make. 
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Another hat for Aunt March


Here is a second hat I made today for my daughter to wear in the play.  This hat has lace on it that is over 100 years old.  The beads are also over 100 years old that I used to make the fringe on the tie.
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The dance

my daughter in brown vintage dress that I revamped
So this is how it came out in the end.  Headpiece, crinoline, sequins on dress, cumber bun, and last a satin choker collar with vintage pin on it as a necklace with a snap closure in the back.  My daughter and one of her best friends is in blue.  She got lots of compliments on her dress and I think she had fun so all is good in the end.

Fall Harvest Ball dress

My oldest daughter has a formal to go to soon so I am working on a dress for her to wear to it.   The dress is deep chocolate brown hard to tell in the photos.  Also it has tulip sleeves which I for got to take a picture of from the side so you could see that.

right front detail

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Levi and lace


I have 3 jean jackets I have had almost all of them since I was 14 years old.  That is a while for a jacket I have almost had them twice as long as I have not (OK not trying to give my age away all the way).  So they have all started to get let say worn out which is a major understatement.  I wish I had taken a photo before I cut out the backs yoke piece. So I did the nexted best thing I set the piece back on the hole I had made but you can see the crochet peeking through the hole area.
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