Halloween fun

Here are some recipes and fun things to do this season.

caramel apples I made
homemade caramels

so much to do so little time

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1 Pair finished

front and back cuffback side

My daughter finished making the pair of lace gloves she was making for herself.  I believe she is happy with them.  They came out better than she thought they would so that is good.   She has never made a pair of gloves before so as a first attempt she did real well and no help from me. 
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Knit Easter Eggs/Teaching middle daughter to knit

all 3 eggs with hand for size reference

My middle daughter has been fighting me for about 2 years on learning to knit.   She always says she wants the stuff I knit and I keep telling her she can make it herself if she learns to knit, I do give her stuff but i was trying to get her to learn something new.   Which of course  she says she will never do, knit that is.   Well this very same daughter loves amigurumi….I had an idea brewing for a while on this…
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Kumihimo: Japanese braiding

My middle daughter has been teaching herself Kumihimo, Japanese braiding.  She is just a beginner and can make an 8 stranded flat braid and a 7 stranded round braid.  We have gotten her a few books so she can teach herself some more.  I love the fact that my children are like me if they do not know a skill they want to learn then they are willing to teach themselves.

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Romanian Point Lace cord

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My oldest daughter  has made 28 yards so far and as you can tell there is still more there for her to make. She is only 14 so I believe all children can learn this skill. 

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Mummy Egyptian Mask

after being trimmed 

My middle daughter has been studying Egypt in school and they are supposed to make a death mask.  Well that was supposed to happen this morning but with a fever 101+ yeah umm she didn't go to school.  So I went to school for about an hour so I could see how it was done and came home and did this with her.
This is how I was taught to do this…
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made by my 13 year old hummingbird 
My thirteen year old has been looking through some old magazines of mine and found this project in one of them.  She didn't have the right supplies to make the item as pictured in the old Bead and Button mag…

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>Valentine afghan done


 youngest with her afghan
sneaky daughter peeking over the top

This is the afghan that my youngest daughter started over 1 1/2 years ago.  She finally completed it today after it sitting around for a while with only two rows left to do.  it is the only afghan in our home that all four of us ( me and my daughters) have worked on.  At different points in time we have all sat down to help her when she was getting burned out on it.  She is very excited that she gets to put it on her bed tonight and sleep with it instead of it being in the plastic tote work box it has been stored in for so long.  She wanted to quit so many times at first because she didn’t like her stitches later because the rounds had gotten so large it took her hours to complete one round.  She persevered and now has an afghan that she can take with her when she is grow up and can say all her sisters and her mom worked together to make this. youngest daughters first afghan She learned so much in the making of this afghan from holding the hook to tension and that not all things made in life come easy or are quick to do.  Sometimes having help in life is a good thing at first she didn’t want help but needed it at the end she did not need the help but liked it when given.  She went from a little girl who was just learning to read and hated it to a little girl who likes to read.  It is amazing how much life changed during the course of this blanket we moved switched schools,  have had major life events and this blanket ties them all together and she will have it for many years to come. That may sound like a lot for one afghan but that is how it is and life continues to grow and change and have milestones and isn’t it wonderful.

>Amigurumi year



dollmulting owletowl 
This last year my children have gotten into making crochet and knitted Amigurumi (first knitted one made ,kyesterday) .  They have improved much over the year.  This is not all of the amigurumi they have made as a they have given them to friends and such.  But it does show how their talents over the year have progressed the earl ones you could see the stuffing but now you can not see it any more.They have made most of these only 2 have I made for them as gifts.  I don’t know how well it shows up in the photos but one of the turtles tucks into himself that is why there are two photos of that one.  One with it out and one with it tucked in.
ladybugdollsnowmanturtles one the knitted one tucks ingiraffeturtles one crochet and one knit

jasmin puppymonkey

>Afghan progress


daughters afghan progress

My oldest daughter, as well as my youngest daughter and my self have been working on this as of late. There are only six more color changes till this is done it will be nice to have it finished for the youngest daughter.  My oldest daughters stitches and mine almost look the same, the youngest ones are way different but she has improved tons while making this her stitches are still getting more consistent but she understands them much better these days. This has had eleven rounds added since last posted about it.  All of which were added this last week.

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