Free pattern carnation Oya

 detail as choker
3 flowersHere is the pattern from that scarf i just finished.  Not only did I make the scarf I also made a necklace that can be worn long or wrapped twice around the neck.

as long necklace

size 14 hook
size 10 or 11 seed beads will work in 2 colors 1 for flower color and one green ( you can sub 2 long green bugle beads for the green seed beads)
size 30 thread


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Carnation Oya scarf finished

tie on side

tie in front I finished that carnation scarf.  I like it a lot it is amazing how much weight beads can add to a simple little neck scarf.  This was crocheted in one continues pass and then sewn onto the scarf with black thread through the single row chain that goes from flower to flower.  The beads are placed in reverse order on the crochet thread before crocheting it.  it is neat to have a multi color scarf edging with out using multi color thread.  But it does take a long time to string the beads and a long to crochet and shift the beads on the thread as you crochet .  the nice thing about the weight of the beads is before the scarf was so light it never laid nice on the neck area.  Now it lays out well and looks very pretty.

snow white rose

oya rose lace 

I finished my rose project and noticed my friend had posted her pattern of roses too.  We had been talking about the m for a while and I got impatient and did my own then she did one.  Even thought these look real similar they are constructed using entirely differnt patterns.   So I think it was good for me to do hers as well as mine.  Both have things that are unique to them.
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Lavonda Rose Oya scarf done

tied to the side
as head scarfI finished the scarf I started the other day.  It ended up with  53 roses.  My oldest daughter made two of the roses to try them out also she finished all the the thread but 4 so I would not have to do that.

If you do it with synthetic thread like nylon or polyester which is what is used in Turkey you melt the ends and that part goes faster  but you  tend to burn your fingers too and if not careful singe your crochet.

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carnation beaded oya

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carnation, originally uploaded by sunshine’s creations.
Sorry for the bad image i took this with my phone camera when my computer was down. I am debating if I want to put the pattern on here not sure to many people would be interested it is using size 11 seed beads and I am using size 30 thread and a size 14 steel hook.  I am also posting this via flickr for the same reason.  I will show finished scarf when done. There is some lovely embroidery on this scarf.

Rose Oya Pattern free

roses edging
Oya and Bebilla Lace. Get yours at
I am using size 30 crochet cotton for mine on a simple black organza scarf that belonged to my grandmother.  Traditionally this would be done with either silk, 100 % polyester thread or 100% nylon thread. If using thread just hold enough strands together to get to the thickness of size 30 crochet thread as it is hard in the USA to find the correct supplies to do it traditionally if you are lucky enough to know where to get the correct supplies please leave a comment/ message here so others can do it that way thank you.

Free pattern in the read more section

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

4 roses made
I saw several items made with rose oya and I wanted tomake a few.  But as always no patterns so I am making up my own.
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Beaded Daisy Oya

daisy oya

I have still been working on a few oya patterns still can't find the correct thread.  So frustrating but I persist anyway.  This is a daisy oya pattern that I added to a crocheted edging that my oldest daughter crocheted when she was 10 years old.   I still have about 4 .5 yards of that lace with out oya and about 3.5 yards of it with oya. 
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Beads and Oya

IMG_3249leaves and flower

I attempt at making a piece of Oya from a photo I saw.Looks like they are using polyester or nylon thread in the photo but I am using cotton.  I strungsome beads on some Manuela variegated tatting thread (discontinued color of thread)and strung all I had and figured well since I was just playing I would make as many motifs as I could and then figure out how long the lace would be.   I got 7 motifs before I ran out of beads.

detail of one motife

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Oya on Flickr

There is a brand new group on flickr all about Oya lace please feel free to join and add any and all photos of this type of lace and just in case you missed it there is one on raverly as well.

Oya and Bebilla Lace. Get yours at

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