Beaded Daisy Oya

daisy oya

I have still been working on a few oya patterns still can't find the correct thread.  So frustrating but I persist anyway.  This is a daisy oya pattern that I added to a crocheted edging that my oldest daughter crocheted when she was 10 years old.   I still have about 4 .5 yards of that lace with out oya and about 3.5 yards of it with oya. 
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Beads and Oya

IMG_3249leaves and flower

I attempt at making a piece of Oya from a photo I saw.Looks like they are using polyester or nylon thread in the photo but I am using cotton.  I strungsome beads on some Manuela variegated tatting thread (discontinued color of thread)and strung all I had and figured well since I was just playing I would make as many motifs as I could and then figure out how long the lace would be.   I got 7 motifs before I ran out of beads.

detail of one motife

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Oya on Flickr

There is a brand new group on flickr all about Oya lace please feel free to join and add any and all photos of this type of lace and just in case you missed it there is one on raverly as well.

Oya and Bebilla Lace. Get yours at

Carnation and Apple flower Oya

carnation oya

Carnation Oya
Doing some more crocheted Oya.  I took another piece of old lace I had in my crochet box and wanted to embellish it with some oya.  The lavender  and green centers are the old lace the flower part is the oya crochet.   I am thinking about doing a baby dress with oya flowers hanging from the hem I think it would be a lovely Easter dress or baby blessing or little baby wedding outfit if done in all white. If you do Crazy quilting or  embroidered pillows, or childrens dresses these are nice edgings to add a little something special to your work.  I am using size 10 crochet thread in these but I should be using nylon thread that is much much smaller but I am still unable to find my box of it.  Very frustrating to me as I want to do a few scarfs and see how it looks the correct size with the correct thread
Apple flower Oya

detail apple flower oya

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Pansy Oya


pansy detail 

OK I know pansies are not red but that is what I decided I would use to do this anyway.

This is my first attempt at crocheted oya not too bad.  I can't find my nylon crochet thread at the moments so I will have to do this again in the future with the correct thread to make it look right.

just the begining

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OYA… more pdfs

I found an oya tutorial on line you can purchase.  It comes as 3 separate pdfs to your email address but it is all 1 item at purchase.  Comes in 3 languages English, Dutch, and German

The author is from the Netherlands

here is what concepts are enclosed in the pdfs
1st pdf
Threadteds oya needle lace

19 pages

  • cover page (1 page)
  • a brief history(1 page)
  • discovery how the author found out about oya (1.75 pages)
  • needles and threads (.75 of a page page) 
  • knots and loops how to read diagrams(.5 of a page) 
  • tutorial with words and diagrams (2 pages) 
  • Remove and attach ( cutting and adding thread to work) (.75 of a page)
  • Pyramids ( how to build the pyramid like shape) (1.25 pages)
  • cones and rounds (.5 of a page) 
  • stems  (.5 of a page) 
  • increase decrease (.5 of a page) 
  • picots= long loop (.5 of a page) 
  •  a page for notes (.75 of a page)  
  • the real work  explain how to hold a needle and pulling the thread and crucial small details (2.25 pages)
  • working 3d motif with 60 photo step by step tutorial  (4 pages) edging with flower and leaf
  • copyright info (1 of a page)

I only include this because on the site it is sort of vague as to what you are getting and I thought this would be more helpful to beginners to know what they are getting and what useful tools are in it.

2nd pdf
oya violet bear pin
2 pages

2 pattern images  to make the same item 1 needle lace 1 crochet

5 pointed star flower with leaf refers you back to pdf 3 for flower and leaf pattern


pattern for leaf, pansy flower, and teddy bear head hard to describe with out seeing for yourself.  pin wound be fine with out the teddy bear part too in my opinion better in fact so you could just omit that part when working it


a front and back paper which when folded makes a small leaflet for quick reference as to how to make the 5 pointed flower  and leaf 22 step photo tutorial on this with word instructions too

Other new developments in OYA pattern availability

I also wanted to note that Couch crochet crumbs has also been working on getting her patterns onto ravelry.  So they should be available there soon for easier download. This of course is her crochet patterns for Oya her needle lace ones will still be on her etsy site because raverly is only a knit and crochet site.  But she also sells handmade oya on her etsy site as well,so making it well worth the visit.  Don’t forget her blog for more oya eye candy and free tutorials.

OYA and Interweave Crochet Magazine

The Interweave Crochet Magazine the summer/august 2012 issues has 6 pages about oya in it.  So for those that are Oya lovers like me get this mag before you can’t.  This is not a paid observation I just love oya and when ever I find info on it I post it so others can find the hard to get resources on the subject.  I was glad I was subscribed to it as all the cover reads Explore Turkish edgings but it may have been something I would have missed on the newsstand.  It is of course the crochet version since this is a crochet magazine and not the tatted, needle or knitted versions.

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