>help needed to identify a quilt pattern


help i need a name for this block 
This is 1930s-1940s Made from feed sack material.  I am trying to help a neighbor who wants to know more about this quilt.  It is a family heirloom and all she knows is that it was hand pieced ( the blocks) then the blocks where sewn together with a machine.  Any help would be appreciated.  If you know of a link with info on this block please post it or if you think you know the name of it.



help i need a name for this blockhelp i need a name for this block 

thank you for the quick response sure enough the first person to answer found it.  date of pattern is January 12, 1940 the quilt would be newer than that of course.
here is a link on the internet

>Remember that yoyo quilt


yoyos sewn to store bought quilt

I while back I posted about a quilt a lady showed when teaching a class at the local quilt guild fair, her daughters quilt is shown above.  I wasn’t very excited about the class but the work shown was lovely as you can see from the quilt shown above.

 base quilt for a yoyo quilt

Well the other day I found two of those store bought quilts (on clearance)  sort of like the one pictured  above that the teacher’s daughter did, but a tad bit different.  Mine don’t have a scalloped edge and are not white on white.  Mine are white on one side and colored on the other  and the quilting is colored.  One is bright orange and one is medium blue.  As for the colored seam binging well that is something the teacher’s daughter added.

 base quilt for a yoyo quilt

So I am thinking I will make two of these one brightly colored and one more subdued.  I think the white yoyos the girls have been making with the big blue yoyo tool might be just the ticket for the subdued one, using the blue quilt.  I will probably make a little tutorial to go with this so other people can do it too.  The bright one I may add a quilt too it that I was making a while back that I want a little stronger and a little bigger.  the nice thing about doing this type of thing is it makes the yoyo quilt stronger and it also makes it a warm quilt not just a summer coverlet on a guest bed.

>An interesting turn on English Paper Piecing

>Have you seen this tutorial. I think it is such a nice new concept on EPP. Sort of like a yoyo quilt or Cathedral windows in that as you add the pieces to the quilt you are done with that piece don’t have to go back, and you quilt as you go so thatis already done too. Wish I had thought of it but it does open up ideas for me. I will have to try this in the future. Here is a goggle translation into english. This tutorial was found through a link I saw on this blog.

>found a new blog

>Well, it is new to me anyway. In case you want to find this new-to-me blog, it has a lot of tutorials on things I like, and she has a neat spin on things. Check her out and tell me what you think.

>Saturday yoyos and Betty Boop


watching betty boop and sewing

My kids are watching a marathon of Betty Boop CD videos today and working on our yoyo quilt. I think more watching is happening than sewing. Not all of them sew equally well, but for this type of quilt the 7-year-old’s stitches will work just fine. The oldest is smirking because she was supposed to be sewing more than watching TV and knows she just got caught in the last photo.

smirk because she got caught not sewing

Can you tell it is Saturday? They went to sleep with wet hair, and now they look like little street urchins, at least their hair does!

>Black Red White…Apple core…life


apple core

So I haven’t posted much lately because my back has been out and I haven’t been doing many, if any, projects because it hurt to sit. All I have been doing is using a heat pad and working, which keeps re-throwing my back out. It will be OK; this happens often and I am used to it, but it sure is annoying. Today I left work early because it was slow and a non-floral holiday so there was no reason for three of us to be there. On the way home I got a call from my older sister telling me my stepfather had a stroke and a brain aneurysm on Sunday and that they might have to operate. If they can’t fix it, then he will more than likely die in less than three months. If that happens, my children will very much miss their Grandpa Smith. I have to say my back is nothing compared to that bit of news. So, if you have a small prayer you can spare, say one for my step- dad. I am here trying to clear my thoughts, and so I started on this, something I’ve wanted to do for at least 20 years, a black, red and white apple core quilt (my three favorite colors).

>Handquilted quilt all done


This is not a normal post because I usually don’t post on Sunday. So this is not normal, but it is such a special item to me and my daughter that I just had to share on the day it was completed (plus I will post later, too, the next day in the 12 days; might as well make a day of it).

more quilting
handquilting on daughters quilt

My oldest daughter made a quilt top when she was in first grade, 6 years old. Then placed it on my best quilt frame and every now and again she worked on quilting it. I worked on it some to encourage her to quilt it (so she could have her quilt and I could have my frame). This quilt was even on the frame a year and a half ago when we moved, so we had to be careful not to hurt it in the move. Her quilt was the first quilt placed on the frame, so I have never been able to use it for my own quilts. Sunday morning at 1:37 am she finished it! I got up at 4:30 am and bound it. By the time she woke up at 6:30 am, she realized she was sleeping under her finished quilt. Can I just say we are both excited to have it done. It was a major first quilt; I tried to get her to do a doll or baby quilt, but she wanted one she could sleep under, and now she can. All the colors got picked when she was 6, so I hope she still likes her color combinations. If not, oh well, that is how it is. For a first project, I think she did a great job. Now, at 11, she has her own quilt to sleep under. The top and backing are all cotton; the batting is wool. I figured it was better to start her with good material because quilting through polyester is a pain and very discouraging and wool is so easy she would like it more and it is a warmer quilt. This will fit her twin bed.

quilt made by my daughter

The blocks are quilted with hearts and the boarder has celtic knot work and hearts.

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