touches of irish crochet


My oldest,and middle daughters and myself are collaborating on this piece.  They crocheted most of the pieces.  I did the grapes and the cord around the edge.  this is part of Amy’s last costume and part of my middle daughters master project on Annie Sullivan for school.  The opening on the neck was to low so this is how we are solving that.


Jack o’ lantern RPLAL free pattern for october

 You can download the pdf above use orange cord for the pumpkins and green cord in between.  Or do in all one color for a neutral look

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Septembers RPLAL pattern scroll doily

Here is the pattern for the September RPLAL.

The actuall patter is much darker than the above picture. download below

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August RPLAL is in the process

august pattern started

I have been working on the August RPLAL too not just revisiting April's pansy doily.
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Pansy Doily all basted

pansy doily all basted
I have the pansy doily all basted and have started to weave in all those tails.
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Day 4 and Day 5 and RPL cord

Day 4
dress with matching slip

I waited 1 day to post the last two items in the heirloom sewing becasue I was working on posting the free lace pattern yesterday.  This would have been a 7 day set but I decided to show the matching sets the dress with matching slips together instead of separate so this is the last post of heirloom baby dresses for  a while.
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August RPLAL free pattern

Here is the pattern for the August RPLAL free pattern.It is for an edging of a small square doily.  But also maybe used as a collar on a small child’s knit or crochet dress.

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August RPLAL

two done out of three February RPLAL

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I have one more of these to finish. The cupid is not yet done but it will be soon but i will not be using variegated thread on that one.

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A RPL project finished / not finished

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This is from when I was teaching years and years ago at the West Jordon Stitching Corner. It was set up as a sampler for the class I had a few made so I was prepared for different classes. Also so so I did not have to take the time in class to bast and finish that many threads.

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Revisiting the February RPLAL


I had these in a state of half done since the last time I posted them for the group I am going to try and finish all three today and get them posted in the next few days will see how that goes.  But I do have one of the three done now.  I used variegated thread to do the filling stitches I sort of have mixed feelings as to how well it came out.   Might have been better to stay solid colors but this is what I did and I always have the option of making more.

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