New Silhouette of my oldest daughter

my oldest daughter  silhouette I cut

My daughter had a choir performance over the weekend that had her group singing with Vocal point.   I did her hair for it and thought it looked good in profile.  Good enough that I wanted to do a new silhouette of her it had been 10 years since I did the last one so it is about time I do all of my children again.
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>This is just neat


>A small collection


This is a few of the silhouettes that are in my home. Some I have cut some other people have cut and some are ones I have cut to copy old ones that are in other family members homes. They span from about 1950 to now. They are all family members except the one in the middle that has the silhouettes of 4 people walking with a poem. I have more I need to cut that are from photos of silhouettes in family member homes. I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and do that yet. Once that is done there will be about 10 more on this wall. Four of these are from Disneyland over the years.


On a side note the ceramic dragon you see on the bottom left my 12 year old daughter made.

>Foil Silhouette


foil silhouette

This is for my sister in law for her birthday. Yes there have been a lot of birthdays in our family in the recent past and I am trying to get caught up on them all. Top photo flash off bottom photo flash on.

with flash on foil silhouette

>Twin Dragons


twin dragons

This is for my brother-in law for his birthday. Sort of a yin and yang dragon theme. He loves oriental stuf and collects dragons. This design was originally meant to be a tatoo but I think it looks much better this way. The design is not my own but the scale and the cutting and material sued are my own.

>Yoda silhouette


all 3 yodas

These are for three different nephews. We are going to my Mil’s house tomorrow to celebrate the last three months of birthdays so I decided I would make each nephew a Yoda silhouette. I don’t know if they will like this type of thing but you know they don’t really get a choice on what gifts they get now do they. Ihave got to find my silhouette paper using origami paper is driving me crazy.

yoda 3
yoda 2yoda1

>David H. and Wendy R.


Davy and his wife Wendy

I showed the Wendy tapes recently. I also thought I would share this a picture I cut of Davy and his wife Wendy this morning. Yes he married a Wendy just not this Wendy. She looks charming and I love this picture that was on face book of the two of them so I decided I would cut a picture out of them. The original photo was of them taking a picture of themselves looking in a mirror so there are things I have edited out and changed. I made a little mistake on the mouth area but if he wants it I will gladly send it to him. I wish them a long life together. It isn’t mounted to the red just sitting on it for contrast for the photo.

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