little bits of this and that Mitts started

detailother side detail

I started to make these mitts yesterday.  I hope to finish them today.  I took a break from the play as my shoulders and arms got hurt the other day shoveling show in our yard.  You know you have a lot of snow in y our yard when you shovel it 5 times in one day .  Then you look at it a few hours later and everywhere you shoveled has a foot of snow again in the yard.  So I shoveled it again the next day and for some reason my right arm went all tingly and numb in some spots like I had pinched a nerve and others had lots of pain like a pulled muscle.

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Little bit of this and that make yarn

hand for size reference

 I had some sample yarn cards that I purchased at a thrift store a few years
lace weight gray wool used as binderago.  I had originally thought I would use them in embroidery but that never happened.  I also had this cone of wool in lace weight also from a thrift store a while back. Between the two items I spent about 4 dollars so no big investment to say the least.  I was straightening up my project area and the basket that held the yarn samples tipped over and fell next to some purple roving.

some of the sample cards A thought quickly ran through my head that I could spin the samples the same as I would roving and make 1 long piece of usable yarn that was multicolored and funky with a life of its own just like the rugs in my home that I make. 
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Other spinning I have done as of late

So you saw the post earlier about spinning milkweed.  I have done other spinning and plying.  We are actually learning plying in class tomorrow but I tend to jump the gun on most things as my teacher always tells me. I tend to overachieve and the rest of the class is to ignore me as I am an anomaly in the class.  That being said

I have shown wool that I spun the first clas but here is where it is now.

This was spun on drop spindel then plied on drop spindel as well.  This is a chuncky weight yarn

1st project that I spun from roving

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Spinning milkweed fluff…Happy birthday Vova

yarn 2/3 milkweed 1/3 wool

I was told you could spin milkweed fluff so since I have milkweed in my yard and we are tarring out out yard currently I thought I would collect the fluff and give it a go.  The milkweed in my yard is not an accident.  My grandmother vova sent me seeds, my older sister sent me seed, and my middle daughter collected seeds.  Thus three spots in my yard had plants each from a different person.  My children and I collected the seed pods Saturday and removed the seeds from the fluff pretty simple just time consuming we collected about 14 pods.  Milkweed is poisonous.

How to do this read on if you want to and do it.  Do not blame me for any reactions you do this  at your own risk.

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Spinning class…and how to clean a fleece

card and wool i carded

As you are aware if you follow this blog I am learning to spin wool.  The first week we learned drop spindle, and homework was to spin all the roving we were given as part of our class fee,  We had two types of wool for  assignment one shorter haired than the other.  OK I was the only one that actual spun all of both rovings I was given.  I never understand why people pay good money for a class then do not do the homework.  So I will go through the steps I did to make the lovley carded wool you see above.

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learning to spin

IMG_4445 I took my first class out of a series of 6 or 8 weeks can not remember at the moment.  We worked with drop spindles last night I have a long way to go before I do something that looks like nice wool yarn to me.  But this class was not about making pretty yarn but about the technique involved with the  spinning of the spindle, drafting of the roving , and washing of the wool fleece. Wish me luck!