The Glass tour (Holdman Studios)

I didn't take as many photos as I wanted to because this is a working studio and some projects are hush hush until they are mounted in place in their prospective buildings.  But it was so neat to see stain glass windows that will placed in LDS temples and other buildings too before they get placed there.  So lovely and so many pieces they are amazing works of art all of them.

Glass blowing Studio

Holdman studios
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>Crack the Whip

>In a previous post this month I talked about how I made some stained glass in collage. I actually made them at a University (BYU). This is one of them; I titled it “Crack the Whip” after the child’s game. Two sets of kids are playing Crack the Whip; the last kid on each set, the ones on the right, have already been cracked off the whip.

I wanted this to sort of have a quilt-block feel ,that is why all the straight lines and the different colors on the back ground of the kids. I’m not sure I achieved my goal on that, but I like it a lot, anyway.

This was the third one I made. The first I’ll take a picture of later. It really isn’t stained glass, it is all clear glass, but stained glass assembly techniques where used in construction. The second one I gave away and have no idea to whom anymore. Just some little old lady in my class who liked flowers; it was a rose.