>Winter Quilt block swap at MJF

>This is a swap that was over at MJF last month. I haven’t decided if this is one or two quilts because there are two color schemes happening: a winter one, which is white and blue (snow men and ice), and the other is red, white and green (Christmas). Since I am still waiting on one set and for me to embroider 17 snowmen, more details on this below. I might wait on that decision for now.

Sheryl Lynn’s Blocks (sewgirlie)

Sheryl Lynn's Blocks set one
Sheryl Lynn's Blocks set two
Tammy’s blocks

Tammy's blocks

jessica’s blocks (smoothiejuice)

smoothijuice's blocks

Camille’s blocks

Camille's blocks

Cheryl’s blocks

Cheryl's blocks

Creatmyworld’s blocks (Beth)

Beth's blocks

Khartquilt’s blocks (Kathlen)

Kathlens' blocks set 2
Kathleen's Blocks set 1

Grace’s blocks (Katmom’s)

Katmom's blocks

Denise’s blocks (levisgrammy)

Denise's blocks

Linda’s blocks ( yarnmamma)

Linda's blocks

corrinne’s blocks

corrinne's blocks

Corrine’s came all the way from Kuwait where she is in the service.

Kathy’s blocks (Ktknits). I’m waiting on those still; because she had some issues in her life, I am good on waiting for them to arrive.

Wendy’s blocks (sunshine)

sunshine's set 1
sunshine's set 2
close of snow man I didn't have time to embroider my own block

I was going to do two sets of embroidered blocks but ran out of time, so I embroidered and pieced blocks. The snowmen were to be the second set, but that never got swapped so I have 17 of these drawn. I might use them as filler blocks between the other blocks. That is, once I get them embroidered. I also have one more tree to embroider as well; 3/4ths of a tree is more correct.

>Christmas swap at MJF


  1. creatmyworld : Beaded Wreath ornament sun catcher.
  2. smoothiejuice : I can’t remember which was in which swap — hot cocoa and Santa mitten.
  3. sunshine : Boa scarves.
  4. botanical bath: I can’t remember if soap was in group one or group two; same goes for the lotion she made, but you either got this or lotion.
  5. Gaias Rose : Hand-made ornaments.
  6. Willowtreecreek : hand decorated notebook.
  7. Bertha : Pin in box with ornament decoration on box.
  8. Rebekka Mae : Citrus ornament and needle case.
  9. Cheryl : Hand towels, there are 4 styles; each person gets one, not all four. I kept a tree.
  10. Tina Michelle : Heart ornaments and bookmarks.
  11. Farmgirlwannabe : Embroidered Christmas sock with Sees candies inside.


  1. creatmyworld : Snow flake beaded ornament sun catcher.
  2. smoothiejuice: I can’t remember which was in which swap: hot cocoa and Santa mitten.
  3. sunshine : Handmade brooch.
  4. botanical bath: I can’t remember if lotion was in group one or group two; same goes for the soap she made, but you either got this or soap.
  5. Gaias Rose : Tree-shaped ornaments.
  6. Willowtreecreek : Hand-made pin.
  7. yarnmamma
  8. ktknits : Basket.
  9. allee: She sent a crocheted tree; can’t find photo of it, don’t know why.
  10. dropped
  11. dropped

My last two weeks have been too busy and this post shows it. Yikes!

>Fall Quilt Top


fall quilt

I have assembled the quilt blocks from the swap at MJF. This will make a very good sized sofa blanket. Not too big or so small you can’t share with the person at the other end of the sofa. This will be nice for the fall months in the coming years. I doubt I will get it all quilted before this fall is over, so next year hopefully. There are all kinds of styles in this quilt from embroidery to appliqué to pieced and rick rack, yoyos and button embellishments. I am glad I signed up for the swap twice; I like this amount of blocks. I am going to embroider in the center block with the names of those who participated in the swap, and I might embroider some leaves there, too.

>Fall / Thanksgiving Day Swap

>swaps at MJF Willowtree was in charge of this one not me
group 1

  1. willowtreecreek (since she was in both swaps I don’t really know which item was swap 1 or swap2)
  2. sunshine (me) green fuzzy scarf forgot to take picture before mailing
  3. smoothiejuice wood bowl
  4. Cheryl pen candy and notpad
  5. Botanical Bath: lotion
  6. Bonne soap, Indian corn a nd silk leaves.
  7. Hideaway Farmgirl bag bobble head scarecrow
  8. AliShuShu necklace
  9. Aimeeravae hanger
  10. nashbabe potholders

Group 2

This group got a prize for having all their items in first. Willowtree made this bookmark as the first place prize.

  1. Willowtreecreek (since she was in both swaps I don’t realy know which item was swap 1 or swap2)
  2. sunshine (me)I didn’t keep one of my own items they where green scarfs
  3. Jodyleek bracelet
  4. Carycamille potholders
  5. SheliaC
  6. Createmyworld handmade book, The star pin is actually from the Halloween swap it was a hostess gift I am just thrilled to have it thanks
  7. Mima vintage handkerchief, farmgirl bookmark, hang tag
  8. momof2jrt
  9. white cupboard notebook and card
  10. ktknits

>Holiday Brooch Tutorial


  • Mattel Knitting machine (find on ebay, thrift store, the bottom of your closet from when you where a kid in the 70’s)
  • safety pins or pin backs
  • fuzzy yarn
  • yoyo (you have to make these; I used a cd as my template)
  • jingle bells or other center decoration (buttons….)
  • thread, needle, scissors

How to:

  1. Cut and make your yoyo; set aside, leave long tail to stitch to fuzzy yoyo, bells, and pin.
  2. Make your fuzzy knitted yoyo, (this is 16 rows that are 16 stitches on the Mattel knitting machine, you can do this on knitting round needles too, gather both ends and pull both tails to one side and tie ends in a knot and cut).
  3. Stitch fabric yoyo to middle of fuzzy yoyo; have tails of fuzzy yoyo facing fabric yoyo so they are hidden when piece is done.
  4. Now, stitch on bells or other embellishments. When done, take needle to back of work.
  5. Sew safety pin to back of brooch, or use a store bought pin back. Finished!


>November BOM


november block of the month

Sorry for all the bad photos in this post. My husband has requested that I try to keep my projects in the studio/sewing room/kids’ art room and not all over the house. Well, honestly, that room has the worse light in the entire house. I will have to figure out some way of taking better photos in that room. I love the light in my family room, but oh, well. Maybe I should just drag the photos down after every stitch; oh let’s not kid ourselves, I am patient when it comes to making things but spending four to ten minuets per photo — just not happening. Especially going up and down the stairs since my knee is still hurting and I’m still wearing the knee brace on and off when the pain is too much to stand. Anyway, on to this month’s BOM. It is sort of a cross between snail’s trail/court house steps/ and log cabin. I honestly don’t know the name of this block, so if anyone in blog land does, please let me know.

3 fabrics cut in 1 1/2 inch wide stripes
sewing machine and sewing supplies ie: scissors, rotary cutter, mat….
clear quilter’s ruler for truing up

Go to it!

First two pieces are 1 1/2 inches square. From there, it is follow picture and sew and cut till done. This is a more follow-the-picture type of thing and true up as needed. Be careful, there shouldn’t be a need for truing up and you have no tolerance for it either. I like to use a scant 1/4 inch seam; that gives me just a little fudge room. Just so we know, the block is square: a nice 10 1/2 by 10 1/2, but I didn’t take the photos from dead-on; the lighting issue and kids-under-feet issue. First block is just the three fabrics cut in 1 1/2 inch wide strips; the rest are sewing order.
Side note: the last two photos are of the same finished block (oops), and they are rotated wrong, too. This is what I get for doing this when I am sleepy, too.

I figured out why I have two of the same block at the bottom of this between picture 1 and 2 on row three. There should have been two more photos; I haven’t a clue where they went, the photos that is. But I think everyone can still follow well enough to make the block and life goes on. You see those two last blocks were supposed to be in the construction layout just at the top or bottom of this post. Sorry folks!

>October BOM


block 2

I know it is November, but I never showed October’s block; it was Ditzy Donuts by Mary Evans from 2005. Since she posted the detailed instructions on her site, I will just show an over-view of what I did in construction of these three blocks. The block starts out 13 inches and ends up 10 1/2 inches, unfinished size.

1. 3 fabrics cut into 13 inch squares stacked on top of each other.
2. First two cuts
3. Third and fourth cuts (none of these cuts are measured; they are random in width)
4. Fifth and sixth cut
5. Seventh and eighth cut
6. Take top center piece and place on bottom of stack
7. Take bottom pieces of middle row and place on top of stack
8. Take middle pieces to machine and keep them lined up in order so you don’t forget orientation
9. Iron pieces and take back to original layout and make sure you have layout correct
10. Repeat step 8 and 9. Do not true up at this time; do trim ears at this time
11. Repeat step 8 and 9. Do trim off ears at this time; do not true up
12. Take back to original block and make sure you have directions correct. Repeat step 11; cut off ears and true up now 2 more finished blocks, plus the one at the start of this post.

block 3
block 1

>Halloween YOYOs


Center section of Halloween yo yo blanket /  back side

Here is what has become of the Halloween yoyo swap over at MJF. I have started to make a lap blanket out of them. This will have more yoyos than the amount I swapped because I have made a lot more since the swap. I still have about 300 cut to stitch to add to the ones I already have made. Not sure how big this will end up, nor what the pattern will end up looking like. I am planning it out as I go, as always.

The photo above is of the back of the quilt because I am still stitching the bottom point on. I work from the back of the project when I am adding yoyos to the blanket; it is easier for me. 121 yoyos thus far on the quilt, about 300 more made, and 400 more cut.

Front of quilt thus far, because it is still growing.

front of Halloween yo yo quilt

>Block of the month from Fairbanksfancygoods

>Fairbanksfancygoods went a little overboard on making blocks for “The Block Of the Month” swaps on flickr. She had more blocks than swap partners, so I agreed to swap for her overages. She was so sweet and sent me extras to boot.

She sent the two blocks. If you want to make these blocks, follow links on names of blocks to the tutorials
Disappearing Nine PatchPlus a tape measure she had decorated. Then a handmade needle case with supplies included and one blank page to fill.Lastly, she sent fabric; I am trying to figure out if she decorated it or if that is the original print.She is also sending these latter this month to me: this is her photo not mine.
Ditzy Donuts

Extra Donuts

>My daughter’s yoyos

>.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }

My daughter has made these for the swap we are in for Christmas yoyo’s. She is using a clover tool to make circles and hearts; the circle ones are the size of a USA dime. She is having fun, and I think she will go well beyond the fifty she is signed up for. Currently our goal is to make a garland, but that may change.

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