July RPLAL finished with video


sideHere are the two flower centers I promised.  Had a crazy week and the time to take the video when no children were around never seemed to happen.  I don't like to make videos when there is the possibility of people, TV or radio talking in the background.  But sometimes it just can not be helped.  Luckily the whole house was asleep when I made this video.  So no phone or door bell in the back ground.


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more filling stitches for July RPLAL


center fillingI worked on this some over the weekend not as much as I would have liked as I was not feeling good most of the weekend.Below in the read more area are the links to these stitches and others posted below and a video too.twisted bars

I also worked the background filling stitches.  A lot of times I will use wrapped brides for the filling in the back ground but I wanted this more open and lacier there so I just did twisted ones. I also worked on odd and even spirals. I set a small piece free from the pattern so you could see the background I hope a little better.

 Romanian European Macramé & Point Lace & Crochet. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

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Pansy Brooch RPLAL April Free Pattern

hand for size refference

Here is the last RPLAL pattern for the month of April but this one also has the tutorials with it of how to do the this and the others

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needing to frogg this
needs to be frogged

I will be frogging the both front yoke parts of the blue peplum. I did the p2tog through back loop all wrong so I want it to be correct and will be redoing it.  This way both the front right and front left yoke will look the same.  I plan on getting back to the advent  scarf soon this was a distraction so I could think and figure out the lace stitch on day 11 which was causing me great issues.  Little did I know I would be learning something new in this project too and more frogging just a little to get it.  The funny part is the dark blue band around the waist of this sweater actually helped me to understand the part of the scarf on day 11 I was having an issue with.  So this was helpful to me and the scarf.  I have learned  that this yarn may have a tendency to stretch when steam blocked (which is what I was thinking of doing it being acrylic and all).  If it does end up growing in height I have a very lovely tall sister in law who I will give this to.  She has already stated she would be happy to have it if in deed that does happen.

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vikkel braid two color

I want to learn to do this just putting this here for my refference

Two-color vikkel braid from Julie Sprague on Vimeo.
Another way of doing this

Video: Fabric Yo-yo tutorial

One of my  friends wants to teach her children some beginning sewing so she asked me to make a tutorial for her.  So that she and her children can learn this and are able to review it several times.  These are  fabric yo-yos also known a Suffolk’s puffs and Buttons in USA during the 1930’sand 1940’s.

Other useful info on my blog: If you just want to see some examples here are all the posts on my blog about yo-yos  alot of them.   In these examples you will find how to lay them out what some ideas are for things I have used them in.  Also there are tools out there if you want fancier ones.  Some talk about other people that do yo-yos, examples of vintage yo-yos, there is a lot of info on here.  Have fun searching through it all.  Also good luck teaching the girls you will need to let me know how it goes.

Video: Removal of basting threads from RPL

This is sort of self explanatory but just encase someone has a question on this.

Video: Removal of RPL from Pattern

Removal of RPL from pattern.  Sorry my phone rings half way through in the video and my door bell rings at the very end too.   No one else called during the day or rang the bell it just had to happen in the 11 mins. I was making this video. I apologize for that but the rest of the tutorial is fine.

Part 3: Video center filling stitch

This stitch is similar to an English whirl but not exactly the same.

Part 2: Video Leaf filling stitch RPL

This filling is good for oval shapes.

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