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yoyo bonnets

I don’t always post when I make things becasue of restrictions with publishers and things of that sort sometimes other authors when I am testing patterns for them.  I actually have about 12 times right now I can’t show till a later date then I will share them too.

Last October I made 4 baby bonnets out of yo-yo crochet.  They where possible items for the book  or for the magazine article they never ended up in either.  So here is my question are people liking these if so I can post the patterns and make them available to people.  Some of these photos were taken last year shortly after I made these in October to send to the publisher as some idea submissions for the magazine and some today.   I was on vacation for my Vova’s birthday last year and I got these ideas in my head so the colors are a little off becasue I had not planned on making bonnets and it was meant more as an idea to get out of my head.  But I still like these anyway funny colors and all on some of these.   I never finished these by putting their ribbons on them I should do that now.Enjoy

October 17 2009
little Boy Blue Cap


Today December 8, 2010


Mary Mary Quite Contrary

October 17, 2009
This one is most accurate in color


December 8, 2010


Little Red ridding Hood
October 17, 2009


December 8,2010


Little Bo Peep
October 17, 2009


December 8, 2010

sideback and side

>Free yo-yo crochet pattern on line


The choker and bracelet pattern I did for crochet magazine is now available on line for  free.  If you are interested in starting a quick and simple pattern this is for you .  You can use the perle cotton it suggests or knit cro sheen.

my pattern is now available for free

>Book Signing and class


front cover

There will be a book signing on September 29th at the Heinselman’s in Provo, Utah.  Followed by a class on how to make a scarf using yo-yo crochet.    If you want to take the class it is 2 hours long and is for two weeks.  Book signing is on Sept. 29th from 5-6 pm. The class will follow the signing on the 29th from 6-8 pm and the second half is October 6 from 6-8pm

>Errata for yoyo book

>Just noticed today that I needed to post some errata for the “Learn to do yo-yo Crochet” book.  Just so you know this doesn’t effect any of the patterns in the book it is in an area where it is just explaining a concept so the numbers don’t actually hurt anything but it would be nice to have things correct.

page 9

  • row 11 should have 84 yo-yos 504 chains
  • row 12 should have 92 yo-yos 552 chains
  • row 13 should have 100 yo-yos 600 chains
  • row 14 should have 108 yo-yos 648 chains

page 20
Carnival scarf pattern
edging Round 1 line 6  right after it read next dc,   there should have been a (ch3) then go on with pattern as written

    >And the blogiversary Winner is

    >Ok the winner has been drawn by my children.  Thank you all who have played.
     We had to draw this twice as the first winner had not left a way for me to contact her.

    Yarn Princess said… I wold LOVE to win a copy of your new book. I have been in awe of the yo-yos but afraid to try. Maybe this would help! 

    I will probably do another giveaway when i get a copy of the September magazine of crochet

    >September Issue of Crochet magazine


    What a way to celebrate my blogiversary.

    See the new September issue of crochet magazine I have a choker and bracelet featured in it.  I might have another item in it but I have yet to see a hard copy.

    Easy As 1-2-3 — Fun With Yo-Yos
    Designs by Wendy Harbaugh
    The center yo-yos in these fun projects look like individual little circles, but they are cleverly created in one continuous piece before the edging is added.

    >Last two days to sign up for giveaway

    >To enter the giveaway look for the link on the side bar.  For those who are new to my blog this is where the pattern is for the crochet piece featured in my blog banner.

    front cover

    >Now avaialble Yo-yo crochet book

    >Learn to do yoyo crochet in book form is out and shipping

    Learn to do yo-yo crochet

    Learn to do Yo-yo crochet is also available on Amazon.

    >Yoyo Crochet PDF Available


    yoyo afghan tutorial is now up 

    Yoyo croceht PDF

    The PDF for this book is available through Annie’s Attic Site now.  So even though the book isn’t out yet you can buy the PDF and not pay shipping and get it fast and have it on your computer for easy reference and use.

    front cover 

    >Yoyo Crochet Tutorial in book form


    My popular yo-yo crochet tutorial has now been made into a book so you can take it with you when you go places and keep it with your project.  Annie’s Attic has made it available for those who have asked when can they buy a hard copy the time is approaching

    There are the old ways as well as a few new ways of manipulating the yoyos such as :Hexagon yo-yo, zig-zag yo-yo, granny square yo-yo, straight lines yo-yo and yo-yos in a chevron formation.  The techniques are discussed in the projects so you can learn to manipulate this very versatile stitch all the more and create some of your own unique projects as well as the ones in the book.

    • You can be put on a waiting email list so when the book is available to pre-order you will receive and email for it.  That area is in the link above in the box that reads “notify me”. 

    I am so excited about this it is so weird to see my name in print on a book cover that can be purchased all over the world by a major distributor.  This is something I wanted to do for a while I hope to be able to do more things in the future.

    Projects include

    1. baby blanket
    2. hex lap afghan( which has the hexagon pattern and how to join them in it)
    3. hex pillow
    4. trivet
    5. place-mat set
    6. matching hot plate for place-mat set
    7. shawl
    8. hat to match shawl (2 versions of hat one short and one longer)
    9. scarf 
    • Then there is the tutorial itself  which covers row construction, granny construction, joining has more info for different techniques than the one on my blog did

      Bonus explanations of how to use tutorial in the joining area of the book’s how to there is ideas how to make 3 more items

      1. granny square yoyo scarf
      2. giant yo-yo granny square baby car seat afghan
      3. granny squares (like my afghan in thread) with starting chain counts

      To clear up some confusion that may arise from the sites references.
      Annie’s site reads 8 projects and the cover reads 9 but there are 12 if you count the three explained at the end of the joining tutorial and then there is the tutorial itself.  I am not counting the second version of the hat as a separate pattern but if you did then add one more to the list.

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