The Merchant of Venice


I have been busy at work on the costumes for “The Merchant of Venice” for Shakespeare week.  I did not make all the costumes in the play but I did make several (I had a hand in seven new ones this year) and repaired and restored several others more than I made that is for sure.  The other costumes are from past productions some I have helped with some I haven’t each year the costumes get better and better as we replace and add to them.   It is nice to have a collection of costumes on hand at the school to be able to costume the Shakespeare plays that we do each year.


I also made 5 costumes (gowns) this same caliber for my own children in the last few weeks I need to get them to put the outfits back on and take some photos.  I forgot to do it during all the business of the play.  I plan on making more corsets this summer for my children’s costumes.  I made ours  such that they are able to be worn from 5th grade up to adult (they even fit me if I want to wear them) by changing and dropping the hem.  This way I can focus on adding details like fancy corsets and things like that to make them look a little different each year.  I really  enjoy doing the costuming of the plays that isn’t to say it doesn’t make me exhausted for a few days as it is a lot of hard work and late hours.
I love doing this for the students as they are always so amazing, kind, and talented.  I have done the high school and jr. high plays this year and plan to do both again next year plus adding 1 more high school play.  Next year it would be “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat” and “Pride and Prejudice” plus the Shakespeare play (it is still undetermined as to which play it is yet).  My oldest daughter will be able to try out for the Shakespeare play then should be a fun crazy busy year.  As if it wasn’t crazy busy now.  Here are a few more pictures from this years production.


Very slow progress

Life is crazy busy with things I care not to go into on here.  Because life is such I have not been able to do much of any projects.  This is not a complaint it is just a fact.  I have made some progress on the blue scarf it needs three more repeats to be to the half way point.  For those who are curious as to what the back of this looked like here it is folded over so you can see what the back view is.

blue scarf 
I have added a few lace repeats to my never ending sampler.  Some day this may be a scarf or it just maybe something that I continue to practice different knitting stitches on and be nothing more than swatches.
knitted sampler section

I have made very little progress on my stipple doodle but I have made some all the same.

stipple doodle