Mom and mother Nature

snow and pansies
first pansiesIs it spring or winter I don’t think Mother Nature knows for sure in Utah.  It happens almost every year here.  She just gets so confused as to what season it is so why not have two at once.  I am just not so sure the flowers are appreciating it.  But I love the fact that the first flowers to bloom this year are the last flowers my mother in law was given by us.  She loved pansies my first post of this blog was dedicated to her and pansies.  So she is just reminding all of us that she is still here in spirit no matter what the trials the  beauty of love concurs all and we can be just as clean as fresh new snow.  Such lovely images to be setting next to one another.

>13-14 days old

>14 days old   They are still growing and strong.  7-8 more days and they will be totally weened.    Not sure of their age they are either born on the night of the 5th or the early morning of the 6th.
It is getting much easier to feed them as some can drink from the water bottle which is full of 50/50 water and unflavored pedialite.  They are also still being feed 50/50 water and evaporated milk.  We are calling them all “little chubbers” ( this is said in an endearing way ) as they are all so round now.  When they sit it looks like a little fuzzy round ball not an animal they are so round.  Which is pretty cute I have to say.  Some have asked what we are feeding them so that is why I am posting this.  As I have already mentioned  some above, but they also are eating small seeds and grains ( from normal hamster food we have removed all the large items) that we have added some rolled oats to and wheat germ, and wheat bran, and powdered milk and cooked egg yokes mashed with powdered milk on them.  Every now and again a frozen split pea to give added moister and it is just fun to watch them try and hoard the frozen item from each other as they all want them and of course do not want to share.

>The fun of being mom


there are 7 here but it looks like only 6 one is hiding

You know when you tell a child they can have  pet you always know in the back of your mind it somehow is your pet too even if you didn’t want it.  The children all made promises to take care of their hamsters and they have done a great job.  The mother hamster died and we truly do not know why something to do with the birth is all we can figure.  The babies are so small it is too great a responsibility for my girls to take care of and be at school all day , also because they are scared they will hurt them.  So the job has fallen to me I remember vaguely doing this as a kid with my cousins hamsters and I hand-fed many a baby bird growing up (my mother use to raise birds to sell so it happened often I would have to feed some from the incubators).  But you know I just had not planned on this and the lack of sleep.  At the same time they are cute and have done nothing wrong.  Yesterday we figured that they truly had not had a good meal in a few days from mom as they were so so weak, sleepy, skinny and starving.  This morning after around the clock feedings they are active running and eat not near as much at one setting as they did yesterday, I would guess their little tummies are staying full.

handfeeding baby hamsters that lost their mama

My girls made a little pink coffin for the hamster and buried her in the yard yesterday and carved (scratched) into a little stone the name Midnight and said good bye to their hamster.  Children are so sweet and tender hearted  I feel bad that they have to go through this but at the same time it is part of the life cycle birth and death.  They learn so much in a matter of hours having pets.  I know most of my readers of this blog probably wonder why I am talking about the kids pets well.  This has been such a growing experience for them to learn where babies come from in detail trust me they understand it all, we have had in depth discussions as to exactly how babies arrive from start to finish, to why parents die when their children still need them and how to help those who can not help themselves.  It touched me and I wanted to share.  Plus hamsters are cute at this age you won’t get me to say that when they are grown and cranky but for now they are cute.  Three of the hamsters love this pumpkin to sleep in their mama did for a little while too so it probably smells like her.  Every thing else in the cage is new and clean so they will not get sick.  But she wasn’t in the pumpkin when she was sick so figured it was ok.

in one of our cages

>Spring Break

>I have been busy with my family with spring break the last little bit.  Many things have happened from sick kids rupturing ear drums to the kids hamster having baby hamsters oh too many baby hamsters to say the least that poor little mama hamster sleep walks she is so tired from them all.

Update: 9:45 pm
Well she (the mom) was so ill from giving birth she passed away today.  I am now hand feeding 7 pups that are 10 days old.  They have to get to 21 to 24 days old before they are not hand fed any more wish us luck as these belong to the daughter who ruptured her ear and guess whose job it is to take care of them yep mine.  I am now the mama of 7 hamsters.  Wish me luck and sleep as they have to be fed every hour.  This is going to be harder than having a new born baby it is 7 newborns who eat more often.

To me and the girls plus 1 friend going to the Carl block art exhibit at the MOA at BYU.  For those who have seen it wow it is amazing  such detail and such beauty.  For those who have not I am sorry to say it is almost over and I think all the time slots are filled you have missed a wonderful spiritual event.

To the kids and husband seeing The “Real Salt Lake City Soccer Team“in competition.

Saw my book at a major chain craft store (hobby lobby) a first for that for me.

>Crazy Hail

>Look at this crazy hail.

my poor carlook at teh size of this hailtons of hail

>Battle Creek Falls


love the moss in this photo
river rushing bye

I am a leader in my church for the 8 year old girls.  We had a field trip today. Two adults 5 eight year olds and 5 teenagers/pre-teens.  I think fun was had by all here are a few photos of the day.

fall onesecond smaller fall
look Mae (MOM) a bug
near trail head

balancing on rocks
Hi Mae ( pronounced my means mom)

can I get wet
looking at the falls
if I hold my tongue just right I won't fall
studying rocks
why the name

Afterward we (me and my kids) went to quilt fair but sadly no quilt show this year so I didn’t take many pictures in fact only one of a piece of a very old quilt but I liked the pattern a lot and want to make it someday.

pretty pattern on old quilt

Also this was the sign on the gas pump on my way up  the canyon to the waterfall.  I know I have a lot of typing errors and grammar issues on my blog and as such this just made me laugh and I had to get a snap shot of it.  As my family says if mom can find the mistake in the spelling and grammar it must be bad.

funny sign on gas pump

My day in a nut shell.

>Sapphire China Doll and morning sun


sapphire china doll

I few days ago I was straightening out my knitting crochet area and decided I was going to finish a few of my winter projects ie… the red sweater and I have a few more. 

I would like these done before summer is over so I can wear them next fall.  This one started back in February after I made a black version.  I probably only have about 1 to two days work to finish it. 

Is anyone else like this that you get so close to done that in 1 or 2 days it could be.  The catch is you have burn out on it, so it just doesn’t happen.  Then months later when you find it again  you wonder “why didn’t I just finish that in the first place I could have been wearing it”. I worked on it for a little bit today will try to get it done some time in the next week if all goes as planned.  Top photo what it looked like this morning where I left off in February. and the second photo is as of tonight where it stands.  The color is more accurate in the top photo the second one the flash is to bright.

china doll

Also here is a picture of this mornings sunrise loved it this picture does not do it justice.  It was real dark rain clouds with the sun breaking through so pretty.

morning sunrise Jun 16

>Spring flowers

>Just some pretty flowers from my yard that I thought I would share.

pink bloomsspring bloomsperspective

I actually like this one that looks out of focus in the foreground. I like how clear the back ground is a different depth of field.

white blooms

>My sister’s flowers


yellow ranaculas
My sister had some very lovely flowers in her yard over Easter.
pink ranacula ( photo taken by my husband)

The above photo was taken by my husband all the rest in this post are taken by me.

pink ranaculas

What we had in our yard over Easter was snow.


Amazing what driving 5 to 6 hours south does for the climate.


>Found another…


all three

Sorry but I am trying to enjoy my summer flowers as long as I can and in photos I get them indefinitely. While picking lavender the girls found another rose on one of the bushes.
dew kissed 2opening

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