>Making fringe for the play


warped loom crocheting header

This is not a tutorial on how to do this.  This is just us showing you what we have been up to.  But if you are use to making things there should be enough info in these photos that you could make your own too.

crocheting headerSo my oldest daughter and myself are making fringe together for the costume  prayer shawls.  the reason I say costume as usually these are woven and the like to specific requirements.  I wish I had the time and knowledge to do them that way. twisting two seperate sides Maybe in the future I can but for now I must make something that will look similar on stage.  We are making fringe to sew onto the bottom of the shawls where there would usually be fringe from the warp threads.  Are are just a simulation of that.  I will learn how to make the tassels to add to the four corners.  winding two side togetherFor those people who might read this who are Jewish please realize we wish we could have real prayer shawls and not fakes as we are not trying to offend anyone with a fake.  Just real ones cost 350 to 1000 dollars a piece and that is no way in the budge of this production. All the supplies for the shawls I have donated to the production from my own stock of craft items.  So I am making them out of what I can no disrespect intended at all.

what fringe looks likehair tool I am using to make fringe

This is what it looks like on the costume prayer shawl  it takes 2 1/2-3 hours per shawl to make the fringe that does not count making the shawl itself adding the stripes and attaching the fringe.  Each shawl has about 7 to 10 hours in time in it.  Making 11 sets of fringe( 2 per shawl) thank goodness my daughter is helping me or it wouldn’t get done in time.

costume prayer shawl

>Fiddler on The Roof

>mess of costumesI am doing the costume designs for Fiddler on the Roof. So my kitchen table has become my construction zone as well as a few other spots in the house.  I love my family they are so patient for not having a place to eat for a while.

work space

I am crocheting, knitting, sewing, weaving, fringing you name it we are doing it for the costumes with only about 15 days till performance sort of a craziness in the house.  I still have to figure out how to make the tassels that go on the corners of the prayer shawls will get that done just takes time oh yeah I don’t have that but will get it done anyway.  We are having so much fun doing there is no sarcasm in that at all.  We are all working together it is great.My children are helping my oldest learned how to do a hand woven twisted with a crochet headband fringe.

costume prayer shawl

in productionThe youngest is doing her best to be happy with all of her sisters and me tag teaming to make sure she is happy (she has had a fever of 102 on and off for 3 days).  Like I said all little troopers the lot of them the littlest one I hope has made a turn for the better last night see didn’t sleep through the night yet but she didn’t feel like she needed fever reducing medicine either that was the first in 2 1/2 days.  She had been counting down the mins. till her next dose before last night.  I love them so much I have the best family in the world I promise.

>Large snow queen shawl progress


large shawl progress

I have made some progress on this bu tit goes pretty slow now that it has this many rounds and is in a size 10 thread.


>Valentine afghan done


 youngest with her afghan
sneaky daughter peeking over the top

This is the afghan that my youngest daughter started over 1 1/2 years ago.  She finally completed it today after it sitting around for a while with only two rows left to do.  it is the only afghan in our home that all four of us ( me and my daughters) have worked on.  At different points in time we have all sat down to help her when she was getting burned out on it.  She is very excited that she gets to put it on her bed tonight and sleep with it instead of it being in the plastic tote work box it has been stored in for so long.  She wanted to quit so many times at first because she didn’t like her stitches later because the rounds had gotten so large it took her hours to complete one round.  She persevered and now has an afghan that she can take with her when she is grow up and can say all her sisters and her mom worked together to make this. youngest daughters first afghan She learned so much in the making of this afghan from holding the hook to tension and that not all things made in life come easy or are quick to do.  Sometimes having help in life is a good thing at first she didn’t want help but needed it at the end she did not need the help but liked it when given.  She went from a little girl who was just learning to read and hated it to a little girl who likes to read.  It is amazing how much life changed during the course of this blanket we moved switched schools,  have had major life events and this blanket ties them all together and she will have it for many years to come. That may sound like a lot for one afghan but that is how it is and life continues to grow and change and have milestones and isn’t it wonderful.

>Merry Christmas


Merry christmas

>Amigurumi year



dollmulting owletowl 
This last year my children have gotten into making crochet and knitted Amigurumi (first knitted one made ,kyesterday) .  They have improved much over the year.  This is not all of the amigurumi they have made as a they have given them to friends and such.  But it does show how their talents over the year have progressed the earl ones you could see the stuffing but now you can not see it any more.They have made most of these only 2 have I made for them as gifts.  I don’t know how well it shows up in the photos but one of the turtles tucks into himself that is why there are two photos of that one.  One with it out and one with it tucked in.
ladybugdollsnowmanturtles one the knitted one tucks ingiraffeturtles one crochet and one knit

jasmin puppymonkey

>Blue Ice Queen



right 2

start of head scarf/shawlThis is a project I started yesterday morning. It is mostly done; I want to make it a little longer so it is easier to wrap around. The yarn has a metallic thread in it which I think you can see in the photos. I have done this in a size 4 weight yarn, so it is much thicker and warmer than the first snow queens that had been done in a size 10 thread. This one is a little more causal in look than the first ones, as well. I like it just as much; I think it would still work for dress up on a winter’s day.
This was made in the same way as the white snow queens; I did not do the modifications that I showed on the Golden queen version. The golden version is less lacy, to me, and I wanted this to have more of a lace look and less of a flouncy look.


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