>Reworked edge of Juliet cap


Juliette cap after adding wire

After looking at those photos of the Juliette cap I decided it needed a little more strength around the edge to hold it’s shape better.To do this I added one more row of crochet and I added wire inside that edge. Not only will the hat have a better shape but it will also have a stronger edge to pin to the hair with. If you look at the edge of the cap in this photo it is much more defined and has a smoother shape I like it much more now. Curious what do people think about me posting how I work through a problem like this. Would you rather just see things finished or the go along with me sort of thing.

>Juliet cap on oldest daughter



I fixed my daughters hair for school and took a few photos of the hat. This is just laying on her head real life when she wears it to school it will actually be pinned in place.


>Beaded crocheted Juliet cap


juliet cap whole flatJuliet cap flat close up

My children have a Shakespeare week near the end of the year at their school. For an entire week they get to dress up in Shakespearean costumes. I few days ago while thrifting I found some beads with a ton of sequins. My children and I pulled out all the beads and set them on a string to tie them and keep them from getting lost. But once they where on the string I decided not to tie them up for safety but to make a Juliet cap for them to wear at the end of the year.

juliet cap on head form

I crocheted till the beads ran out (not able to make a complete round that is) there is a bead for every chain stitch in the cap and the remaining ones ( the ones that wouldn’t make a complete round) are scattered on the caps edge. It actually ended up a nice size for them to wear. I don’t have a child with her hair fixed correctly at the moment to show you. It is held on the head with Bobbie pins that is why I have a wide crochet edge so it can be pinned to. I will post a photo later on one of my kids so you can see how it is on a real person. So in supplies it cost me 50 cents but two days of time to sort and crochet. Beads usually cost a ton to buy so that was nice to get them so cheep that probably wont happen again if I wanted to make this hat again it would be around 60 dollars in supplies alone. There is not a pattern I made it up as I went along.

close up Juliet cap flat
Juliet cap

>Newborn varigated baby bonnet


left front

Most baby bonnets in my store look more like little girl bonnets. So I thought I would make one that looks a little more boyish but a girl could still wear. This is made from sock yarn. Took me three days to make. It is a little crochet and a little knit the back and face edging is crochet the brim is knit. It has a chin strap to keep it on baby’s head with a button closure. this is 70 % super wash wool and 23% polyamide and 7% PBT. This will be in store today. There is no pattern for this I made it up as I went along.

leftright front

>On the way to school



I rounded a corner this morning on the way to school and this is what I was greeted by. We actually drove under it, it was about 20 feet above us. All the kids waved and the balloon pilot waved back too the kids got all excited. There was actually two balloons in the air but I only took photos of one. Didn’t have my normal camera so these are with my razr sorry not better photos. It was fun watching them and seeing how they hid the sun and glowed then the sun would show up again. It landed in the parking lot of the school for a few moments then took off again. Just a pretty sight and thought I would share. Life is beautiful in the simple pleasures.


>Two projects but all hexes


two projects

It might be hard for you to see but there are two projects being worked on in this photo. One is obvious a hexagon english paper piced quilt ( small wall size) tutorial here. Which happenes to be using the real thing vintage feedsack fabrics. The other is right below it and is an all wool afghan made using this tutorial. Still have some work to do on both of these. You may not have seen me for a few days but that never means my hands are doing nothing they are always busy.

>Good Morning

>I am still here just a little busy with class reunion, back to school, soccer, remodeling, doctors, yard work, life….. But I needed to just enjoy a few moments to stare at the sunrise Enjoy!!!

good morning

Yep life is always good no matter how crazy! Be back soon!!

>Look what I found


size 2t 24 mos dress wip

When going through stuff to pack things up I found this half done dress size 24 mos 2t. That I was making out of sheer fabric and yarn. Sort of yoyo crochet but not in the way of the yoyo crochet tutorial. I hope to work on this this week end maybe getting the skirt done and a few more yoyos on the bodice. It would be nice to get this done. I have so many half done project it is ridiculous. I am one of those people that if I get an idea it bugs me till I start it. I always finish things just not always right after I start them. If I am making them for someone else or for a deadline then they are done fast. But if it is just for fun it kicks around for a while like this piece. Look at the size of the cone of yarn. Can we see a lot of pink whit things being made in the future and I mean a lot there is more on that cone than was on the yellow one. The dress still needs sleeves, neck line, and hem finished as well as 4 more yoyos.


>Rock Climing at School

>She got about 5 feet higher than this then came down.Right before ringing the bellRight before ringing the bell.

Today was the party for the last day of summer school. To finish off the summer they had their Summit To The Top party. Yep rock climbing at school, it is Utah what can I say lots of climbers here and it is fun. Two of the girls made it to the top. The third got half way there. I think they all did great and fun was had by all. Now back to normal school on Monday.

>1912 Hat all done

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