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1. on tree, 2. hung on tree, 3. poinsettia / The journey, 4. more blooms, 5. butterfly pillow, 6. suzyhomemakers mini quilt is done, 7. This block is made by clare, 8. 3rd butterfly on curtain,

9. 1st finished butterfly for curtain, 10. lt and dk pink tatting, 11. hex granny squares, 12. more antique tatting, 13. antique tatting, 14. front, 15. redwork butterfly signature block, 16. style d,

17. layette set, 18. crazy daisies, 19. flower tutorial, 20. English Paper piecing tutorial, 21. bubble gum pink quilt #1, 22. SRE = silk ribbon embroidery, 23. lazy daisy week 3, 24. back side dove,

25. felt ornament dove, 26. felt snow man done, style:christmas colors

>Jacket number 2 for child number 3

>Yes, I need to make another jacket; this one is for the butterfly-princess daughter of mine. Same problem as the last dress: no sleeves. She has been wearing a little white jacket with it, but the jacket looks more Easter- like and is bothering me. I want it to look more winter and to be warmer.

The previous dress, with the cream jacket, the ladybug princess was happy with. She wore it to church yesterday. Prior she wore a little caplet with it that had a spring feel to it . This was before I made the jacket; it just wasn’t warm and didn’t cover well.

I figured if I used wine or black it would be too heavy a color for a little girl of six years. This will make it a little brighter, plus I can place wine ribbon roses on it to add some of the color of the dress into the jacket. I am going to make a similar jacket to the last one. Still don’t have a pattern, but it was simple enough the first time; I don’t think I need one.

The details on bottom of dress: the sequins seem to shin a little green, thus the green I am using in the jacket.

detail of dressstart of jacket

>Happy New Years Eve


glitter graphics

Happy New Year Glitter Graphics

>WIP for my middle daughter

>My middle daughter’s Christmas gift. She can’t wear it because it has no sleeves, and she’s a very modest child. Which I am very happy about. So, of course, the question of “Mae, please make a jacket”.

I started to make a shrug this morning, but I just didn’t like the way the pattern was working out. Plus, I didn’t think it would cover her in a way she would be comfortable with. SO I frogged that piece.

Then I just started to crochet without a pattern, and this isn’t finished yet. It still needs the all important sleeves. But, even as it currently stands, it covers more of her than the top of the dress did.

Could someone explain to me why stores in Utah, where there is snow, don’t put sleeves on Christmas dresses to keep little girls warmer? I would think it common sense that, “oh my, it is cold and there is snow out — maybe sleeves would be good on the clothing for this region.” Oh well, I know how to crochet and with a little bit of chenille and two ribbon roses, a cute jacket can be made.

I debated on adding a silver thread to the crochet to make it match the skirt portion of the dress more. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it a bad idea. Chenille is so soft, and metallic threads are so rough and scratchy. Why make a little girl itchy in her clothes when she could have warm fuzzy instead. So, no silver. Not bad for only one mornings work and no pattern

lace close up
Update: finished it Saturday night. I am thinking it might need buttons or some sort of closure; what do you think?

>I know Christmas is over but….


My creation

I still want to have fun with it and listen to holiday music. I have never made an ornament wreath before. I have been collecting ornaments for two years to make a real cool one I hope it will be cool, anyway. I decided I had to put all the ornaments on my tree first, so that is what I did this year. Next year I hope to make a wreath, or two, or more. To get me inspired, I started this group on flickr. Feel free to check them out or join, if you so desire, and if you know of any tutorials, I am looking for some so I can have a good idea of what to do before I make it.

The above photos are all ones from the pool; there are many more cool ones in the pool. Go check it out and leave nice comments for the people who had fun making these.

Ornament Wreaths. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Store up-date: lots of new hats and scarves in store.

>WIP’s for store

>Here are some current WIPs I am working on for my store:

A hand crocheted baby dress size 0-3 months.


I am also making a few drop-stitch scarves; this one is black with bright colors here and there.


>A Request To My Readers

>I am trying to improve my store and put things in there that my readers like.

So, out of all the items I have show in the past on my blog, which things might you like in the store? These are things that I have not put in the store in the past, such as St. Patrick’s day or Valentine’s day garlands, felt ornaments and things of this sort. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Just anything I have ever shown that you might be interested in.


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