Just a few hats

My daughter is trying to raise funds for a school field trip that happens in June of 2013.  The trip cost $3,000.00.  These are items we are making to try and sell to raise that money as the school will not be doing fund raisers the students have to figure out how to raise the money themselves.  So I am donating my time and supplies to her and she will make some ammigurumi too and add those to this page too.  Most items are one of a kind unless you do a special order which will take a little more time to make but happy to do it.
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special order  in Any High School monogram AHS or colors
one size fits most adults
please specify stripes or checks

high school Monogram hat #2 stripped backhigh school Monogram hat
OOAK One of a kind  Already made ready to ship
Adult x-large
taxi hat
OOAK one of a kind Already made ready to ship
LOVE hat

One size fits most adults
Love hat