>WIP Friday Dec 15

>Well here is today’s WIP. I really have no reason to make this other than someone traded the canvas for a project repair, with a lot of other stuff, too. But I like the simple pattern on it. Someday I will find a nice, little antique chair that it will look just right on. However, I still have no idea for a background color. The tan you see is the color printed on the fabric.There are about 1 1/2 to 2 yards of this to needlepoint.

The start of an idea is under way. Now to find the time to make them yo-yo’s and assemble them. Especially since my little baby bug is sick again.

>WIP chair

>Here is a WIP for the day.

Detail of the top of the inside back of the chair. I really like carved furniture, and this has just a little bit of it. The chair is from about 1900 and has porcelain casters. I am going to make it match the two wing backs in my front room; a sort of his and hers look.

>front room rug and chairs

>Hand made wool rug that is 12 feet by 19 feet and is in my front room. This rug took me about 1 year to make. It is hard to get a good photo of it because of all the furniture.I also took close ups so you could see the color change as it went across the rug. The two red wing back chairs in the photo are antiques that my grandmother gave me. When we got them they where purple vinyl with their springs sitting on the ground. A few mice had made homes in them, and a few wasp’s nests were there as well. I think they cleaned up real nice. My husband did the one on the right and I did the one on the left. Team work as my kids would say.