purple ice scarf finished


simpledifferent ways of wearing a scarfideas at playI spent most of a meeting today working on this while I listened to the speakers.  I finished 10 mins before the end of the meeting.  Very nice came home and blocked it at 10 pm. When you start to block something so late at night you are not thinking clearly, what was I thinking…
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red and black steampunk cuffs


I made these becasue I love dom klary’s gloves and cuffs and own several pairs of her knitted gloves. I wanted to make some cuffs lik her crocheted ones.  Not exactly like hers but maybe in time I will buy some of her crocheted ones.   For now I will enjoy the ones I made for myself inspired by her.  This set of cuffs is reversible I can have the red by my hand or up my arm.  kind of neat to have it be that way.


purple ice

detail of a scarf i am making 
This is a detail of a scarf I have been working on and off for 3 days.  The thread I am making it with is doubled up.  It is still a lace weight even with that.  The thread I wish I knew what it was but it was on a cone of thread from a thrift store and no labels.  I know it is cotton and that is about it.  It has an interesting dye too it every now and again there will be about 1 inch of blue in the thread.  I actually like it that way.  I have tons of this thread after working on this scarf I could probably make 4 or 5 dozen more with the same cone of thread.

Oya blog

examples of oya

I received a nice comment on one of my oya posts from a lady that has started an oya blog so here is her blog and her you tube site if you are interested in this.  She is a new blog so not a lot of post yet but she does have some interesting videos that you may find useful in teaching yourself.  She has some on needle, crochet, knitting, tatting, and bead-work all of which are used in oya.
I still have yet to sit down and teach myself but I almost always gather information on things I teach myself for years before I actually sit down and do it.W hen I do I can usually teach myself in one day what most people take months to get because I have studied out the concepts in my mind pretty well plus it doesn’t hurt to know so many different fiber arts that I can mix and match techniques pretty easily.  If you want more links or book info that are on my blog look here for oya as I have few posts on this (17 counting this one as of the date of this post).

revisiting the cream bolero

rightleftThis project got put on hold in the last day of March with only one sleeve left to crochet and the sewing.  I am sure most crocheters do things like that every now and again.  When they go back to the project they wonder why they never finished it at that time so I am in that boat at the moment. ..
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Two weeks on the lamb

Okay so almost 2 weeks ago my oldest daughters pet hamster escaped the  middle daughter set out humane traps to recapture it. This is worrisome to my kids because they know I do not like rodents loose in the house and the standing rule is if they are not caught in 3 days I put out rat poison.

Well my middle daughter was so upset I just didn’t have the heart to do it especially since I had hand nursed this hamster. She was worried that if it got down stares it might be bored with no toys so she set up a hamster wheel down there with food and water.  She checked all the traps 3 and 5 times a day no hamster.

She gave up two days ago of ever getting the hamster back so I said leave them out a little longer and see what happens as she was so sad.  She said she didn’t have the heart to look at the empty traps anymore as it just made her more sad so the youngest daughter volunteered to check the traps.

Tonight the middle daughter and I fell asleep on the couch watching a documentary on animals this room is at the top of the stairs the wheel is at the bottom of the stairs. About ten mins ago I woke up to the sound of a hamster wheel. I woke her up then asked if she still had the wheel set up down stairs and she said yes but that sound  had to be from the two wheels in the bedroom.  I got up and walked half way to the stairs when the sound stopped.  Got to the top of the stairs and looked down could not see any movement at the bottom of the stairs.  Flipped the light switch at the top of the stairs and still not movement at the bottom.  Walked down the stairs and still no movement so I was starting to think my daughter was right.  But I should check it out all the same. I get to the very bottom of the stairs figuring I heard either the wheels in the bedroom or that I had scared the hamster away already.  But I looked in the cardboard box where she had made a little house and sure enough there was the hamster watching me the whole way down the stairs.  I flipped the food bowl over and caught it.  I expected it to run like crazy from me but nope it was still use to humans.  My daughters are so happy as are me and my husband.  Them to have their pet back me not to have a rodent running free in the house.

hand spun wool scarf

I traded with  Juanita a book for some of her hand-spun that she made while at colonial days.  My children carded the wool for her so that makes the wool all the more special to me as my children helped prep it for spinning.   I have since set to making a wool scarf out of it for fall and winter use. I plan on knitting till I run out of wool should be interesting to see how long the scarf gets.  This wool still has a ton of lanolin in it so when I am all done knitting I will have to wash it a few times to get rid of that lanolin feel to the wool.start of scarfhandspun 2 ply

white doily dress

doily dressDoilies wanted for this. I am interested in making a dress that looks like this one I found on the internet today.  So if anyone had old white crochet doilies they no longer want or need can I have them.  Shoot me an email about it thanks look on the bottom  of the blog page to find my email. Interested in more eye candy go here.

New and old

My oldest daughter accidentally washed a GAP multi color stripped sweater that was 50% wool so you guessed it it shrunk.  To the size of too small to fit even my youngest daughter.  It wasn’t felted so much that I was not able to frog the  sweater.  So I took it apart on Friday and Saturday of last week and wound the balls of yarn up.  Then looked for a pattern I could use.  Found one and then I added Lion brand alpine wool for the background color that I already had as it was the same weight as the wool from the sweater and I thought it might stretch it to go farther than the size of the original sweater.   It is just too bad that I forgot to take a picture of the original sweater before I dismantled it.  I seem to be on a kick to make things for fall at the moment not sure how that happened but it is fine with me.detail  
My light blue background is the black in the original pattern and the white in the original pattern is my colors.

Progress Indian Floral Vest

I have made some progress on the embroidery on this sweater vest the back and right front are done I still have the left front to do.

front in progress

The pattern is pinned in place where I still need to do the embroidery.  The vest looks large on this mannequin as this mannequin is not my size.  When I take the final photo I will place it on the correct mannequin so you can see how it fits.


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