number 1 today on ravelry.. Happy 4th of July

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This was a fun thing to wake up to the cord being number 1 and the necklace at 36 this morning thank you everyone and I hope you have a lovely 4th of July mine was great just seeing this.
Be safe today with your fireworks.

Fall Night Cuffs


I made these a while ago but never posted them.  The pattern is now available for $3.00.

from Vintage Threads Inc

I hope you enjoy them I look forward to wearing them this winter and fall


>CAL = Crochet A Long Snow Queen

>frontCAL = Crochet Along

There is a crochet along happening on ravelry that is using the Snow Queen as the pattern if any one is interested in joining it go  to the first link above.  I did not start it but I was invited to join the group.  Will be fun to see how many different yarns and threads are used in this.

Hope you all had a happy and safe new year.