Jack o’ lantern RPLAL free pattern for october

 You can download the pdf above use orange cord for the pumpkins and green cord in between.  Or do in all one color for a neutral look

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Romanian Point Lace centerpiece


This pattern was featured in Piecework magazine March / April 1998.  So it is out of print but if you are interested in making one the old magazine can still be had on line if you look around a bit.  The author of the pattern is Sylvia Murari.

Update: funny when I posted the above link this morning there was 10 of these mags on ebay  there is 2 left is that my fault they disappeared so fast wow.  If so my blog does more than I think it did.  I will leave the link as others may post more in the future there and this will still find them.
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July RPLAL finished with video


sideHere are the two flower centers I promised.  Had a crazy week and the time to take the video when no children were around never seemed to happen.  I don't like to make videos when there is the possibility of people, TV or radio talking in the background.  But sometimes it just can not be helped.  Luckily the whole house was asleep when I made this video.  So no phone or door bell in the back ground.


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Wheat Stitched Cord Bolero vest revisited

1/4 finished with needle lace filling
A few years back (about 6 years) I was working on bolero vest and it got set a side I worked on it some a recently while on my trip in Mexico and this is the progress I made on it.  It is using the Wheat stitch cord I posted a few days ago about but this cord was made about 7 years ago.  I hope to get this done at some point in my life sometimes I just have no deadlines on things I make just for fun so they happen when they happen. I hope it will fit me then if it doesn't well I have 3 daughters who are always happy to claim anything I have made as their own to wear.  So it will not go to waist when ever it is finished.  this is Antique thread I am using here both for the cord and the filling stitches.  Which is a lot heavier than I usually use  so this vest has a more textured feel to it which I like

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July’s RPLAL free pattern

flower wreath

So hey we are early posting this pattern.

you will need to print out four copies of the pattern
download now

OYA… more pdfs

I found an oya tutorial on line you can purchase.  It comes as 3 separate pdfs to your email address but it is all 1 item at purchase.  Comes in 3 languages English, Dutch, and German

The author is from the Netherlands

here is what concepts are enclosed in the pdfs
1st pdf
Threadteds oya needle lace

19 pages

  • cover page (1 page)
  • a brief history(1 page)
  • discovery how the author found out about oya (1.75 pages)
  • needles and threads (.75 of a page page) 
  • knots and loops how to read diagrams(.5 of a page) 
  • tutorial with words and diagrams (2 pages) 
  • Remove and attach ( cutting and adding thread to work) (.75 of a page)
  • Pyramids ( how to build the pyramid like shape) (1.25 pages)
  • cones and rounds (.5 of a page) 
  • stems  (.5 of a page) 
  • increase decrease (.5 of a page) 
  • picots= long loop (.5 of a page) 
  •  a page for notes (.75 of a page)  
  • the real work  explain how to hold a needle and pulling the thread and crucial small details (2.25 pages)
  • working 3d motif with 60 photo step by step tutorial  (4 pages) edging with flower and leaf
  • copyright info (1 of a page)

I only include this because on the site it is sort of vague as to what you are getting and I thought this would be more helpful to beginners to know what they are getting and what useful tools are in it.

2nd pdf
oya violet bear pin
2 pages

2 pattern images  to make the same item 1 needle lace 1 crochet

5 pointed star flower with leaf refers you back to pdf 3 for flower and leaf pattern


pattern for leaf, pansy flower, and teddy bear head hard to describe with out seeing for yourself.  pin wound be fine with out the teddy bear part too in my opinion better in fact so you could just omit that part when working it


a front and back paper which when folded makes a small leaflet for quick reference as to how to make the 5 pointed flower  and leaf 22 step photo tutorial on this with word instructions too

Other new developments in OYA pattern availability

I also wanted to note that Couch crochet crumbs has also been working on getting her patterns onto ravelry.  So they should be available there soon for easier download. This of course is her crochet patterns for Oya her needle lace ones will still be on her etsy site because raverly is only a knit and crochet site.  But she also sells handmade oya on her etsy site as well,so making it well worth the visit.  Don’t forget her blog for more oya eye candy and free tutorials.

March RPLAL free pattern collar fits baby to adult

march collarsecond half of march collar

 Download pattern below in this post.

Sorry this was so long in the posting.  My children who help me do some of this had finals and reports to do at school and that took president but it is here now and please enjoy.   The collar as it prints from your computer will work as a baby to toddler size yoke or you can use it as a child to preteen collar.  If you want it to fit an adult blow it up to the measurements on the sides of the print outs then it will be adult size.

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Part 1: February RPLAL download patterns

3 ornament patterns for RPLdoiley pattern for valentines
Patterns for the February Romanian Point lace patterns there are three ornaments and 1 square doily.  Sorry it is so late in the month that could not be helped.  But you can make them now and have them ready for next year or make them and use them this year as Christmas ornaments or just a doily in your home.  links below where to download the patterns.

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RPL purple doily finished

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }

finished, originally uploaded by sunshine’s creations.
For those who wanted to see what it looked like done. I should have taken this from a better angle and laid it out neater. But I still think you get the idea all the same. Have a lovely day.

update : my middle daughter has claimed this as hers to use in her “Monster High” doll house as a rug.  Funny it is about the right size for  that but I have not given in yet.  As I want to take  photo at the end of the year with all the items made for the year and make it the top picture in the Master RPLAL post.  So told her maybe at the end of the year when I have my photo she can have it.

Jan. RPLAL round doiley tutorial


For all those doing the January RPLA I let you have the first week of the month to recover from holidays and to get your pattern transferred to the fabric, cord made and basted and all the joinings of the cord done this includes the joining on the side of cords too.  Hint: the other two patterns tutorials will follow in short order so you better have them ready as they will be up soon.  Soon being in the next 2 weeks.  As it does take a little  while to do the filling stitches and I want to complete each one before I go to the next. In that way you can see what the finished item looks like.  Well at least see what it looks like in the colors that I have chosen.  Please feel free to add your finished piece to the ravelry group or the group on flickr I so hope to see many wonderful works from all of you.

On to the tutorials

Sorry I did not have my husbands camera when I was doing this and my camera was being a little weird on focusing so here we go.  I plan on going back today and doing a video hopefully that will be clearer but ti is a gray day so I may have to wait a day or two.  That will be in a separate post

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