>Saturday yoyos and Betty Boop


watching betty boop and sewing

My kids are watching a marathon of Betty Boop CD videos today and working on our yoyo quilt. I think more watching is happening than sewing. Not all of them sew equally well, but for this type of quilt the 7-year-old’s stitches will work just fine. The oldest is smirking because she was supposed to be sewing more than watching TV and knows she just got caught in the last photo.

smirk because she got caught not sewing

Can you tell it is Saturday? They went to sleep with wet hair, and now they look like little street urchins, at least their hair does!

>Help job wanted from home

>Hello I am still looking for a job I can do from home. True, I currently have a job being a florist and will continue to do so as long as needed, but I’m just wondering if there are people out there who need a pattern tester. I can do that. I sew and crochet and tat and do other hand work; if you know of someone who is in need of a pattern tester, please refer me to them and them to me. Thanks!

>Valentine from Anna Marie Horner

>So a few years back Anna had this limited edition valentine heart garland on her blog. I was the first one to order one. Now, being a person with to many projects, I set it aside to do later. Somehow over those two years the ribbon has managed to leave the package, but the fabric and instructions are still there so I decided today that I needed to pull this out so I can try and finish this or something else might go missing from the package. I don’t know if you can read it in the photo, but the postmark is 2007 so better late than never.

>A Hair Cut sorta

>This isn’t much of a hair cut, but since I haven’t cut my hair in about 15 years, it is for me. I have trimmed it in that time, but now I have bangs again, so what do you think? I know, too late to change it back now; I’m just curious. I felt like I was starting to look old and I didn’t like it. So I went back to the hair cut I had 15 years ago when my husband and I got married. I know, not much different at all. The photo on the left was three months ago, the photo on the right is today.

>more oya links…facebook news


And I joined facebook today; interesting, but I’m not sure if I needed one more thing to follow.

>#17 of 25 motif tatting challenge


number 17

Ok, so I am not doing this very fast; too much on my plate. But I have worked on the challenge and this is the latest piece I am making. The thread is vintage and very small. It will be a nice delicate edging to add to my box of handmade lace.

size of lace and thread

>8 yards 14 inches


close up

My oldest daughter finished her first piece of crocheted lace; it measured 8 yards and 14 inches long and about 1 inch wide. She started this several months ago. I think she did a great job; it tested her patience just as the quilt did, but didn’t take as long to finish. The difference between this and the quilt is that the lace is mom’s. The rule is, until she buys her own thread and hooks, any lace she makes in the process of learning to crochet belongs to me. Whereas with the quilt I let her keep it. She is already chomping at the bit for the next piece of crochet to make. So I guess after school we will pick her next pattern to make.

8 yards 14 inches

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