Red sunset mitts found

and one to frog and redue
I am trying to get some old projects done while still working on current projects.  I misplaced this project almost 2 years ago.  I have bags I carry around with me with half done projects in them sometimes I set them down in my project room then because they are either inside a bag and I do not see them and sort of forget about them and go on to the next project because I have so many happening at one time.   The other reason is I do a play and forget because after a month of crazy costume making for others my mind just sort of forgets what I was doing for myself because of other projects that are bigger ie.. a play  and have deadlines that my mind is to tired to remember.  But in the case of this item it was actually the fact that I was doing the last touch ups on my book "learn to do yo-yo crochet" that put this on the back burner for what would seem like forever.

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finished fingerless mitts

the pair is done
single gloveThose gloves that  I found in my project bag from when I was traveling to and from my uncles funeral in February. I have since finished and they where already worn by my youngest daughter before I got a picture of them.  So they have survived a day in the snow with a 10 year old with Velcro clothes.  Can I just say how much I dislike Velcro and what is does when those barbs touch crochet and knitting.  These are actually my gloves but my kids do wear my gloves at times.  She said she has out grown all her gloves so I will have to find some in my stash and give to her to wear.  Just not bamboo and wool ones as they tend to put them in the wash with out thinking.  We have lost a pair of 100% wool gloves already that way that my oldest daughter knitted.

how to join knit edging

I am working a few project that need a lace edging added to a finished piece so this video is how I am teaching myself to do this.

Hilton lace

hilton lace  1 down started on number 2
I am making Hilton lace for what I think will become the lace edging of a pair of lace gloves.  I chose  this lace as we have lots of friends with the last name Hilton and thought it was sort of neat that it has the same name as them.  
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March RPLAL free pattern collar fits baby to adult

march collarsecond half of march collar

 Download pattern below in this post.

Sorry this was so long in the posting.  My children who help me do some of this had finals and reports to do at school and that took president but it is here now and please enjoy.   The collar as it prints from your computer will work as a baby to toddler size yoke or you can use it as a child to preteen collar.  If you want it to fit an adult blow it up to the measurements on the sides of the print outs then it will be adult size.

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fingerless mitts

3/4 finished mitts ( fingerless)

This is a pair of gloves I was working on a little over a month ago when I was traveling home from my uncles funeral which I now need to finish. 
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beaded cuffs to go with peplum

flash knitting cuff with beads
This pattern comes from Jane Austin Knits 2011.  But I am changing it a lot I have reversed the order of the beads and made them blue and larger.

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